Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carson turns 10

OK -I know we all say "They grow up so fast!" I just cannot believe my special little guy is 10 years old! Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday he was born in my sleep (yep, you heard me - true story - but that is for another post!).

Carson is such a special boy. He is so talented. Watching him star as Wilbur in Charlotte's Web showed me just how gifted he is on the stage. He is smart and very funny. He is such a sensitive little guy and this makes him a good friend and a good sibling. He LOVES his baby sister.

For his birthday party he really wanted to go to the new Lego store in OKC. We took our kids and his guests, in the rain, to this Mecca of all things Lego. It was neat-o. The kids all picked out Lego sets and then got to fill a box from the pieces that fill one wall.

This Indiana Jone was crazy! Made entirely out of Legos. It was ridiculous and I think even looks like Harrison Ford!
Then we went back to our house. We played a game - who can build the tallest tower without falling over in 2 minutes. I would have won except mine couldn't really stand on its own so I let one of the kids win. (haha!)

We ate cake and ice cream and then opened presents and then the kids all decided to build their Lego sets.
OK - I really don't like the cake. I chose not to do fondant because it doesn't taste good but trying to ice this was a nightmare and I think they look awful. SO, no comments about how cute the cake is and no comments saying "Kristi, you're silly - it looks fine." Just let it go, folks. I have. :)
Carson loved his party. We had his birthday dinner (which he requested to be chili - not exactly what I want to be eating on July 27 but it's what he wanted!)
I can't tell you enough how much I love this boy. I think he is going to impact the world for Christ some day. That is my prayer. Just looking at these pictures melts my heart and makes me fall in love with all over again. I've got it bad for this one. :)


  1. What a fun place! My boys will have to go some day! I love the tribute to Carson! And, you are right, the cakes are terrible. ;-) haha!

  2. I love birth stories and have got to hear how he was born in your sleep! That is something I've never heard before!

  3. awesome tribute to your sweetie, he and my Luke would have a ball together, fellow lego fanatics :) I should take a pic of luke in his legos like yours here - great idea :) and awesome mom!

  4. I love the 1st picture of Carson- and the lego place looks cool. They have a couple huge Lego people at a toy store here- a Hagrid (from Harry Potter) and Chewy (from Star Wars). They are pretty unbelievable! You always seem to have to greatest parties for kids!

  5. That totally looks like Harrison Ford! Crazy! What a fun birthday. Carson is such a cutie. My boys are obsessed with legos too. Trouble is that I find pieces of them all over the house. I have containers specially marked for them too!

    No, I'm not gonna 'let the cake go'. Carson will remember how special he felt that you made him a lego cake. Bravo! Did you use a lego cake pan?

  6. Angela, First of all, no I am not pregnant (per a previous post)!! And no, I did not use a cake mold. I baked a 13x9 and then a smaller pan and cut them. Then baked cupcakes and cut them down to be the circles. I really love making my kids cakes but I like for them to actually look good. :) The cake was just falling apart and the frosting wasn't getting smooth - it was a disaster. But you are right, the kids thought it was cool.

  7. I am so sad we missed being there! Looks like you guys had a great time!! Happy Birthday Carson!! : ) The cake? UH....it is REALLY colorful. How did you get the frostings that bright?? ; )

  8. Ahh..happy birthday Carson!!! I have no doubt that little guy will impact the world for Christ, no doubt.

  9. I'm sure you've got it bad for all of them, my friend... he's super cute!