Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby belly correction

So Tyson and I are chatting and he brings up the belly thing (see previous post)...

Ty - "why do you have a big belly?"
me - "why do you think my belly is so big?"
Ty - "because it is - see" (and he points... to my chest!!!!)
me- "these????"
Ty - "yeah. why are they big? Are you going to have a baby?"

hahahahaha!!!!!!!! And so we had to delve into a whole different conversation. That makes me feel so much better! My son doesn't really think all mommies have big bellies - we just all have boobs!


  1. even better! thanks for the laugh and smile :)

  2. I am laughing OUT LOUD!!!!!!

  3. sooooo, ARE you going to have a baby? :)

  4. Out of the mouth of babes...the last two posts made me laugh!!! Hilarious!