Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preach It, Sister!

SO, the other day I find Madison, with open Bible in hand talking to the twins on the back porch. I grabbed my camera and went out. It wasn't quite fire and brimstone but she was certainly making her point. They were listening intently. THEN I heard the sentence that I just couldn't believe. Wilson said "We're not SINNERS!"
What??! Seriously??! This troubles me greatly for 2 reasons...
1. These boys are just as naughty as can be and they know it!
2. From the time they were infants we have told these boys that they have wicked hearts, that they are sinners and how much they need a Savior! Every time they do their naughty things, they get disciplined and hear that speech over and over again. How could he say that?!
What could I do but laugh? They are so funny. We talked about it over dinner. I assured them that they were sinners which made them ask immediately if they were going to hell. We took every opportunity to share the wonderful good news of Jesus. I think they heard...but obviously I am not a very good judge of what is sinking in!
O Lord Jesus - Have merce on my children. Draw them to you!


  1. These pics are too cute! And Madison in her white dress looking all pure herself! :D

  2. I love the look on the boys faces while Madison is talking to them... concerned, confused- I'm not sure. That Madison seems like such a sweetheart!

  3. Madison is light years ahead of you at that age, you were only witnessing to Michael Jackson by writing him personal notes.

  4. Okay, that is hilarious!!! I love how you captured the exact moment...Madison is so serious and the boys look so concerned!!! Then the second picture is so "mom!!! Stop watching us!". Your kids are so cute and funny. I'm glad you got a picture.

  5. I'm impressed! Bringing the WORD Madison! Does she take precept classes by Kay Arthur too? :)

  6. Now, I can leave a comment!!! I don't know why but the last several posts, I couldn't leave a comment. I did enjoy reading about your vacation to my neck of the woods.

    I am laughing at this post. You don't worry about those boys with Rev. Madison in the house!!! Did she tell them to "TURN OR BURN". HA!

  7. I so remember my brothers and I doing things such as this....How sweet, love their faces in the second pic.

    Branson in Sept?? I have heard such great things about Branson. I know you will have fun. There will certainly be a time where it will all work out that we can arrange a visit. 5 more months!