Monday, August 3, 2009

Couples Night Out

Once a month the moms in my co-op get together for a mom's "planning" night. We always have so much fun - it's my favorite night of the month. This month we decided to all plan ahead and get babysitters and actually have our husbands come along. What a great idea! We went to dinner at this new Mexican place and then went to the cupcake place next door for desert. It was such a fun night.

Have you ever belonged to a group of people that you truly loved and felt they truly loved you? Have you had a circle of sisters that encourage you to the deepest parts of who you are and yet make you laugh till you are wiping away tears from your eyes? Have you ever had friends that made your heart fell full when you were with them and started to miss them as soon as you were away? I had no idea this was what I would find when I agreed to be part of this group last year.

These women are the best of the best of homeschool moms. They are the best of the best of any kind of moms, the best of wives, the best of Christian women and the best of friends. I have so much love for them.

Every time I am with these women is like a breath of fresh air. It is like I can be drowning in the sea of homeschooling and parenting responsibilities but being with them allows me to come up for air so that I can go back down. I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing together this super special group.


  1. Krisit, I love your hair, you are so cute!

  2. Sounds like an incredible group of friends. You are fortunate to be surrounded by women who lift you up in every way possible. What a fun night out!

  3. That is just cool beyond words. What a blessing you must be to them as well. Friends are wonderful, but to find a group that is committed and loving like that is a treasure. The part I struggle with most about moving is getting that kind of support. Thanks for reminding me that God is able to do that!

  4. What a treasure! You definitely need that support as a mom. This post inspired me to try to get my circle of friends together at least once a month. It's rare that we see each other.

    Okay, the cupcake STORE? There's a store just for CUPCAKES??? I would just DIE! I'm sure it smells like heaven. You need to tell more about these cupcakes. What kind did you get? If you tell me they are homemade from scratch, I will fall right out of my chair. :)

  5. Oh, and I just noticed, there are forks...who eats a cupcake with a fork? This definitely needs some explaining Kristi!

  6. Angela - I think there are cupcake places sprouting up all over the place (Sprinkles?). This one has been here for about a year now and we still have 2 others! I got the "Destin Key Lime" and it was great - just a little dry. Yes, they are homemade there in the store. It was really fun to go as a group. And yes, I did use a fork - they were so big!!