Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Politically Correct

OK - there is a point to this post but I am going to have to give a little background first...

Race has never been an issue with our kids. They have never known that our country has issues with race or that people might look at someone differently because of the color of their skin. They have black friends - we have black friends. Never have the kids talked about their being any differences between us. Once in a while I hear will hear them say something like "the guy who is dark skinned." And that is fine with me. We are all people to them and we just have different shades to our skin. (*note: my older kids do know that horrible things have been done in our country in the forms of slavery and prejudice)
However, we had more race discussion in our house last year due to the election. I am a big political buff and so the news and talk radio were on a lot. We talked about the idea that people would not vote for Barack Obama just because he was black and that some people might vote for him just because he was. We talked about how both of these views were wrong. We talked about why we should vote for a candidate and how the color of someones skin is not an issue at all.

SO.... yesterday Wilson said that he liked Quincy (from the Little Einsteins) the best. Tyson quickly and with a bit of outrage said:
"WIL-SON! You cannot like Quincy just because he is dark skinned!"
Wilson then replied "No, I like him because he likes musical instruments."
"Oh," Ty replied, "do you like musical instruments too?"
"Uh huh" he nodded.
"oh - then that's ok."

I had no idea I was raising such politically correct little ones!


  1. that's awesome! Quincy is my favorite, too... I'm going to have to ask Owen who his favorite is tomorrow, now! :D

  2. I love Wilson's reason for liking Quincy but I also love that Ty wanted to make sure he liked him for the right reason. Kids are so smart, they pick up on so much and I think it's cool that you really talk to them about all kinds of things- even at a young age!
    btw- you and your family should totally visit NYC!

  3. That is a cute story! I love the talks that go on between your twins. They sounds like funny little boys!!

  4. From the mouth of babes! If we give them a chance to explain what they are saying...I bet their conversations are great to listen in on!

  5. Wow, I need to come visit soon!

  6. Clap clap clap! Well done mom and dad!!! They're not just 'politically' correct. They're just CORRECT! That's the right way. The way God wants us to see people.

  7. Follow up on my previous comment... Quincy is Owen's favorite, "cuz he can do tons of stuff!"