Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrate Freedom

To celebrate our great country, we had a few families over to cookout and enjoy fireworks. Actually, my friend Andrea basically hosted the party- we just had it at my house. Andrea and Rachel brought all sorts of food - we had way more than we could eat and we had 24 people here! What great friends. And we added to the mix our new friends the Markmillers

Of course, there is never dinner at the Woodards without a show...
After dinner a storm came blowing in. Tyson and Mia were jumping on the trampoline - probably not the safest place to be in a lightning storm but I still had to snap a picture before they got off. She is his bestest buddy and I just love this precious girl for being my son's friend.

Evidently, this is Carson's new favorite pose for pictures - you'll see it again...

Mia, Ty and Katie Mei waiting for the fireworks

OK - can't make a snide remark about this one because I have a picture of myself playing guitar on my tennis racket and I was in high school - shame on me...

I love how sweet Emma could just jump in and go for the goofy pose with the boys. Man, she is C-U-T-E!

These boys are so goofy - and you know what? I love it.

Our line of kids - all 17 of them!
Pipster loved the fireworks - she thought every single one was amazing (unless she was distracted by the popcorn)!

Half of them were snoozing big time before we got home.

Hope everyone had a great day. Contemplate our great freedoms in this country and be prepared to fight for them.


  1. I stil love the picture of Ally seeing her first fireworks. :)

  2. Thank you SOOO much! We had such an amazing time with you guys. We are blessed to know you and your awesome family. : )