Sunday, July 26, 2009

Play Doh creations (and mommy's frustration)

I can't stand playdoh. It is such a mess. But my kids love it. Here are some of their most recent creations:

Mmmmmm - burger and fries anyone?
Ahoy there Cap'n Crunch

A birthday cake

A girl with a hat and purse
Leo from the Little Einsteins
The next two are Transformers

Bob and Larry (without eyes)

Little red Riding Hood with a pizza

I really think their creativity is fantastic but I sure hate the mess. Despite their promises to clean EVERY last bit of it up, I end up finding playdoh bits all over the dining room and kitchen... and living room... and the classroom... and the bathroom..... and the bedroom closets (?).... and so on.

So, the playdoh will be put away for a few months until I am shopping at Target and see a cute little pack of cool colored playdoh for only a dollar and I will think "Oh, how fun! Let's do Play doh!"


  1. Oh my goodness! They are REALLY talented. I'm totally serious! That cap'n crunch is awesome! They should get into making cakes! I could just see you switching from playdoh to fondant icing!!!

  2. I'm seriously impressed with the creativeness of your family! They are great! I'm not sure I'm looking forward to play doh days either... I'm thinking maybe it's because I didn't like it when I was little- I remember getting so mad because all the other kids mixed the colors and it got all crumbly!

  3. Seriously, whatever, Jason W. spent hours on each of those creations.

    For real, though, I am proud of you for letting your kids play with play doh. Good for you :) Your kids will thank you someday.

    Missed ya!

  4. Cool Creations....but agreed....Play doh is not meant for everyday! You seemed to have struck a reasonable balance!

    I have a germ-a-phobe thing about reusing play doh too many times...isn't that silly? It comes from seeing a friend of the girls sneeze right into our playdoh...and then she kept right on!

  5. We like clay better. It seems to not be as sticky and they can keep their creations out for a longer time because it doesn't harden like play dough. Great work, kids! I will send you a photo of what Madeline did with clay.

  6. Wow! Youre kids are very creative! The Cap'n Crunch one looks just like the real thing! I know what you mean, though. I hate picking play-doh off the floor, especially when it's been smushed into the rugs.