Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We are SO homeschooled.

The last two days we have done our part to perpetuate the homeschool stereotype. We haven't bought denim jumpers. We didn't get all awkward and look at mommy when someone asked us what grade we were in (oh wait, yes we did do that). We didn't decide to stop immunizing our kids. What did we do? Well, the oldest 4 spent the last 2 days with friends having a Lord of the Rings marathon. And they wrote their own skits. And they did their own LOTR activities.
If you had asked me if I had stuff in my house to create LOTR costumes I would have had said no - but give my kids 10 minutes in the attic with their creativity and they were decked out.

Frodo and the ring...
 Gandalf (the white)...
 I call him Lego-las... get it? Those are lego pieces on his ears...
 And Aragorn - she washed her hair and then put gel in it to get it all scraggly and cool (seriously cool, people)...
Here they are with their other buddies...
They had loads of fun and I am definitely ready to ban all elf and orc talk for a while.

Not wanting the littles to feel left out we had our buddies Noah and Lydia over to play with the twins and Pipps...
The girls played with the doll house and with their babies and played house under my bed and in other strange places. The boys played very well just waiting for me to allow them on the wii and then were in 7th heaven - you know, not having to interact in real life but getting engrossed in the task on the screen... see - homeschoolers are normal kids too.

All of these things helped in having INDOOR fun as we have endured 60+ some days (I believe) in a row of triple digit temps. I just love our friends and all the little friendships amongst our kids.

I will take geeky kids and teens that love each other and love to play with each other and do silly skits any day. I think they're the coolest cats around.

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  1. I am SOOOOOOOO relieved that you have yet to don a denim jumper. All hope would be lost the day you gave in to that wretched non-fashion statement. Stay true to the fashionista that dwells within.