Sunday, August 14, 2011

Madi wins an iPad!

Madison won an iPad! The kids all worked so hard participating in the library's summer reading program. The won all sorts of coupons for participating but at the end of summer they would draw names for the bigger prizes - like $25 gift cards, a wii, and an iPad. Every time they read 800 pages (or 8 books for he younger ones) they were able to enter their name in the drawing. Madison read over 3,200 pages and had her name entered 4 times.

The initial day for prize notification came and went. All the kids knew the date was August 2nd. All day that day and even that week the kids reminded me to answer my phone if it was a number I didn't recognize. At the end of the week they officially declared "Woodards never win anything."

However, last week I get a call from the library saying they had extra money to buy an extra iPad for the teen reading prizes and MADISON's name was drawn as the winner!! It was pretty exciting. But them came reality. We did not want her to have an iPad. We don't want her having internet access and honestly - when it comes to our kids - this house is the place things come to be lost or broken.

Knowing Madison deserved a reward for her diligent reading and for breaking the no-winning streak for Woodard family... AND knowing that Mommy's laptop is on it's last leg (seriously folks - it's taped together in my lap right now and beeping at me every 4 seconds saying it cannot read what is in the USB port even though there is nothing in the USB port) we came to an agreement that Madison would be paid a decent amount of money (small to us - large to her) and Mommy would use the iPad. SO - I am so super pumped about my new iPad!!  And Madison is quietly saving enough money to take over the world. So it's a win win (win).


  1. YEAH for Madison (and Mommy!)

  2. these pictures are awesome :) :) so happy for you both!

  3. You lucky dog...jealous. BTW, you sure have a BIG chalkboard, you crazy home-schooler sans denim jumpers. :)