Monday, August 8, 2011

Twice As Sweet

My friend, RC, is having twins! This is my first friend to have twins and I am so excited for her.
She has 5 girls already and- get this - the twins are both girls too!! Having 7 daughters in a row has to break all sorts of statistical probabilities. And for all of them to be so stinking cute probably does too.

I got to be a part of throwing a shower for this lovely lady but as you oooh and aawww over the pictures know my contribution was minimal. These other hostesses are shower pros. The theme was "Twice As Sweet."
 Look carefully... to the left... through all the pink... I made the sparkly marshmallow pops...
 insert pictures of said pops - aren't they cute!
...ok, enough about me - back to the shower...

Pink lemonade served in mason jars - so cute. Who says Pinterest is a waste of time?!
Seriously - I apologize if any diabetic comas are induced merely from looking at these pics. What a treat it was to celebrate the coming of these sweet babes.
Look at the adorable garland made for her with take home treats - everything on there the babies can wear!
And speaking of cute things she take home for the wee babes... these are the mobiles my friend ACK and I made for her...

I want to have a baby just so I can make one for my own!

Thinking about her twins has made me find all the memories I can about my own little guys. I remember some things very clearly and others not so much. I remember cuddling them both in my arms and how wonderful that felt. I remember learning how to nurse one bottle feed the other at the same time. I remember wondering if I'd ever make it through - and here we are almost 7 years later. The Lord was faithful - which I guess answers the question I asked regarding them yesterday... "Will I ever make it through?" Haha. I am so glad to know the Lord gives life and the Lord sustains mommies. To Him be the glory.