Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Looking fine at 9!

Coley Moley. What a guy. You never met a sweeter 9 year old boy. He LOVES babies - I mean just loves them and asks for one all the time. He often comes in to the kitchen to ask what he can do to help me. He always offers to pour drinks at dinner time and two nights ago he cleaned the twins room for them - just to be helpful.
He is also stubborn, forgets to do his dishes after every meal and hates to clean his room. But hey - who doesn't? Overall he is pretty stinking amazing. And last week he turned 9 years old.
All this boy wanted for his b-day was a date with his daddy. Doesn't that just make your heart melt. I love these days and know that they are fleeting. The day is coming where all he wants is a car.

We invited our new friend, Nathan, over to play for the day. We ate lunch (fetticunni alfredo - Cole's request) and then wenr to the pool.

After swimming Cole and Nathan got special birthday cupcakes from Gigis.

Then Colson was off on his date. He had won a free meal from the Elephant Bar for doing his reading in the library's summer reading program.

After dinner they went to the Lego store so Cole could spend every last penny of his birthday money (but I do need to say he gave $20 of his money to his big brother so that he could make a purchase for which he had been saving). He bought some Hero Factory sets.

They came home and opened our gift and a gift from the Lees. The Lees also skyped in (on MY ipad no less) for the present opening and Happy Borthday singing and candle blowing part of the night.

 The Lees send him cd's. The kids love them and have already (finally) memorized their books of the Bible because of them. And that gift went well with ours - an ipod. Yes, years ago my mom gave my brother, Jack an ipod. Years ago Jack gave me the ipod. And last week I gave Colson the ipod. Take that Al Gore - I bet he has never recycled that much when it comes to a birthday gift. He was delighted and is actually the envy of his older siblings who have ipods but not with SCREENS.
He had a fun day and I got to retrieve all the memories I could from this aging brain of mine of this sweet boy over the last 9 years. Oh that the Lord would draw Him and that he would find true JOY in the Savior. Our prayer is that he would not waste his life but spend it in ways that matter for eternity.


  1. What a fun day!
    I'm thinking that is one of the many blessings of a big family-you're always celebrating something!