Monday, August 23, 2010

A New School Year!

The new school year has begun for the Woodard Academy!
I've given up my classroom so that we can move some boy bodies in there. Currently all four boys share a room and that is getting a little hectic (and stinky if you get my drift - and hopefully not theirs!). I am sad about losing that beautiful classroom but am also excited about moving back to the kitchen table. Just like there are seasons in life there are seasons in homeschooling (a shout out to RC here!). I used to prefer the kitchen table to a classroom, then I NEEDED a classroom and now I am actually needing to be back at the table. It will help me be able to continue school moving along even if I am needing to make dinner or clean a little or help princess pip.
We used Skittles as incentive to stay on schedule. Every time we started a new subject on schedule everyone got a skittle. I don't have everythign out of the classroom and into the kitchen yet. It's a work in progress.
Had to move all the curriculum and art supplies out to the kitchen - I love my super organized cabinets...

We started the morning rocking it out. My kids love to dance. Two of their new favorite are "Oh Happy Day" by Tim Hughes and "ny2la" by Press Play. Both can be found on YouTube.
During Science (which is Anatomy and Physiology this year) we made a "personal person" in our notebooks. With each new system we will add a layer (skeletal, muscular etc...). They are going to be very cool...

I chose not to put the twins in drama this year. So, on Mondays when the 4 oldest go to drama and Pip naps I get a little extra mommy/twins teaching time. Today after their school time Tyson said "Thank you for doing this with us, Mommy!" Precious. I love it. They also get a snack which is a big treat (I know, I'm a mean mom who doesn't give her kids afternoon snack)
SO, we are in full swing. We stayed perfectly on schedule today. But it's easy to stay on schedule on day one. It's day 64 I'm worried about (or day 2!). I am praying for the discipline and diligence to provide a good and productive year for my kids. It really is my joy to do this. I know it is the right decision for us. Prayers going out to all of you as your start your school years wherever, however, and whenever that might be. May our highest goal be to teach our little ones that there is a faithful loving God who demands their obedience and that in obeying they will find their greatest joy!


  1. Great post Kristi! I am so proud of you! You are doing it--and doing it GREAT!

    BTW, you truly have a teachers handwriting! So perfectly neat and straight. Did you major in Education at Liberty?

  2. Wow! Kristi, you amaze me. I don't think I could homeschool one child needless to say 6 and have a toddler running around!! You make it look so fun and easy! Way to go! I know your kids love their teacher:) And yes, I agree about the handwriting!!

  3. Yea Kristi! I moved us to the kitchen again this year too. We are not officially starting until after Labor Day this year. Have a great school year!

  4. Thanks for the shout out on the "seasons"! ;) You're such a fun mom!