Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carson Granger turns 11

Carson kicks off the birthday boy month around here. 2 weeks after his birthday is Jason's. 2 days after that is Cole's and less than 2 weeks after his is the twins'.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Carson opted to have a fun family day instead of a party. We incorporated his best buddy, Mitchell, of course. They had such a fun day!

We started the day with pancakes (Carson's request). My dad makes the very best pancakes. Once you get used to that nothing else compares. I just used a Krustys mix and let's just say they weren't Papa's pancakes.

In order to try and beat the 100 plus degree heat we started our next activity right away. Andrea (Mitchell's mom) and I took the boys geocaching. I have lots of friends who have been doing this and though I haven't been terribly interested it seemed like it would be fun for the boys. And actually, it was really fun. We will do it again once its at least 30 degrees cooler.

The day before I picked the different locations we would track down and I hid a geocache especially for the boys. That way we knew there would be something there because most of the places didn't have a cache there anymore. The boys both got to hold iPhone and had to navigate and tell me where to drive. They did great and had to learn real fast how to always identify "north" so they could use the map correctly.

I left things like gum, silly string, Pez dispensers and these masks...

Our last stop was near Pops (a cool little joint on route 66 with over 100 different kinds of pop) so we had lunch there and Andrea treated the boys to pop afterwards.

I should mention that Madison and Maddy (Mitchell's big sister) were at home watching all the little guys so we could do this. What great girls!

After geocaching we all went to the pool - Carson's request.

After the pool we played for a while and then had birthday dinner. Caron's request? Hot dogs and Macaroni and Cheese.  He didn't want a themed birthday and only wanted my Chocolate Sheet cake (and by "my" I mean Pioneer Woman's but don't tell Carson that - he just thinks I'm amazing!).
Then Daddy took the big boys to see a movie. What a great day for a great boy. It kills me to think this boy is going into 6th grade! I have 2 middle schoolers all of a sudden. Good thing they are such fantastic kids.

 Carson is an amazing boy. He is extremely talented as an artist and sings beautifully too. He is gentle and loving towards his baby sister. He loves his dog. He is very smart. He is a great helper in the 2 year old class at church.  He still loves video games and is becoming more and more self controlled when he plays them. :) He is convicted of his sin and sensitive when corrected. He is very funny and an awesome big brother. I might be a little sad that he is getting old so fast but I am so excited to see the young man he grows in to.


  1. okay I've never heard of geocaching... I'll have to look it up, looks like a scavenger hunt of sorts :) Happy Birthday Carson!

  2. That geocaching (I've heard) is great fun. There was a group of people in our church in VA that were really into it and organized a "hunt" of sorts at church activities.

    What a sweet boy! Happy Birthday Carson.

    Hope you are geared up for your B-days to come!