Friday, August 20, 2010

Cutie Cole turns 8

As I'm getting pummeled with birthdays (Jason was 2 days before Cole's - no blog post for that birthday boy- sorry honey) I am also getting pummeled with all the emotions that come with realizing your babies are growing up. Some say they wish they could stop their kids from getting older and I don't - I am eager to enjoy them at all stages of their lives. But I still can't quite grasp how quickly it seems to go by.

Cole turned 8 on Tuesday. For his birthday dinner he requested hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, and curly fries (which is what Carson requested too sans the fries - I know - lucky me.). He loves the curly fries bc he loves spelling his name with them.
I made cupcakes since his real cake was coming the next day at his party. Cole asked if everyone could have a candle in their cupcake. Isn't that precious. So, we  gave everyone a candle and 3 for Cole. Yes, they are pink but the boy wanted cherry icing (again, I know, lucky me - the preservatives and artificial flavor were so delightful).
The next day we had a pool party. Yes, a pool party. How fun! We have a neighborhood pool that allows us to reserve it for private parties. We invited our bestest co-op buddies. They had lots of fun. Cole got out the pool almost 45 minutes before everyone else. I thought he might be upset but he was just so anxious to get home for cake and presents. I love that about him.
After swimming we headed to out house for pizza and cake. Cole wanted Larry Boy. I couldn't figure out how to make it well so we did the whole editable image thing.

He got great gifts and I got great gift ideas - want one? A two liter, a pack of Mentos and a gadget to help you drop the Mentos in and create an exploding fountain. How fun is that?!

I know God has great things for Cole. He has an amazing sensitivity and is artistically gifted. He is enjoying being a part of the Playroom Theater Company and is crazy in love with his baby sister. He's the one who wakes me up every morning asking if he can eat and asks 10 times more than everyone else if he can play Wii or a computer game. I see him growing up and maturing before my eyes.
Happy birthday Bubba. I love you like crazy cakes and am so happy you are my son. Forever I'll be your honey if you'll be my pumpkin.

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