Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nana and Papa visit

Oh the fun that is to be had when Nana and Papa are here! My mom had just gotten back from her trip to Paris and she brought the kids gifts. Before giving each gift (which she spread out over 2 days) she would give them a little history lesson pertaining to what she saw and their gift. She gave the twins swords and taught them about Mont St. Michel..

For Pip's gift she gave everyone a lesson on the Eiffel Tower
and then gave her a beautiful little dress with Eiffel Towers on it...

OK.. It will take me far to long to blog everyone's gift and lesson but it was fabulous - from Normandy Beach to the Louvre to the Palace of Versailles and beyond - she had a wonderful trip and we loved hearing about it.
On to the rest of their visit...

We did so much while they were here - kinda like a vacation but without leaving home. One of the days we went to the Science Museum...

We went to a movie...

We went downtown and enjoyed Bricktown. Pip wore her new dress...

We had dinner, listened to live music, rode the water taxi twice and got ice cream sundaes. Such fun. I really wished they lived closer but am so glad they visit whenever they can.


  1. How fun! What a cool way to hand out gifts instead of just the tradition "here you go." I love Pip's dress!

  2. I love your parents! Your mom is precious to do that for all the kids. Yes, Pip's dress is darling! You know, Atlanta is a GREAT vacation spot! ;)

  3. So much fun! btw... I can't get over how Madison seems to grow up with every picture I see. She is just absolutely beautiful!

  4. Such cute pictures Sounds like you had a great visit. You're parents were always so sweet!

  5. Kristy, your parents have not aged a bit! Your mom is so beautiful!!

    I'm glad you were able to have fun like that with your parents. I love when mine visit!! That dress is adorable, too! So pretty:)

  6. Just stopping by for a "visit" and to catch up on your blog. Love all the pics, looks like you are having a fun summer!!!