Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little Buddies turn 6!

Here we are - at the end of the birthday whirlwind. I need to remember for the future how much I DO NOT feel like whipping up birthday cakes and party decorations by the end of August and be prepared. This year I am just thanking the Lord for cupcakes and our flock Ice Cream Social.

Whenever there is a 5th Sunday in the months the family flocks (we all started as one but have grown into 3!) meet for an ice cream social. My buddy RC calls it 5th Sundae (I have such clever friends). Last year "5th Sundae" wasn't quite developed yet but a 5th Sunday smores night was scheduled at our house and as it happened to be on my twins birthday it became their birthday party. Our social this year was the day before their birthday and guess who decided to try and pull it off again. Yep. Nominate me for lame mom of the year or cleverest woman on the block but I told the boys that everyone was meeting at the church for their birthday. :) And wouldn't you know it, some of those precious people brought gifts. It really felt like a party.

Then, on Monday night (their actual bday) we had two families over who also have new 6 year olds for pizza and cupcakes. I told the boys I was just too overloaded to do fancy cakes or themes so they both picked a character they would like to be turned into to top their cupcakes. Wilson chose Annakin Skywalker
and Tyson chose Leo from Little Einsteins (surprise surprise)
It was a quick and easy yet fun solution.
It was great to celebrate my boys with dear friends.
They got great gifts but were most excited to open the huge box from Nana and Papa (it was a basketball hoop)
I always call them my naughty boys but I love them to pieces. They are my precious little guys. They are best of friends, different as night and day, love their family, love first grade and are full of energy. I long for them to give their lives to Jesus. They are turning my hair gray and filling my days with laughs. I love them to pieces.


  1. Yeah! My favorite twins turn six!! Happy birthday guys! Give them a hug for me! You have two fantastic little young men on your hands, Kristi! Love you guys! -Ariel

  2. Yea for Nana and Papa for picking out such a great birthday present. (Thank you Kristi for using the money we sent!!!)

  3. Happy Birthday to "The Twins" :) I love it when they call themselves that.

    Those cupcakes are so cute, dang, I do have creative friends.

  4. First of are never lame and always clever!! Love the 5th Sundae idea!We do a 5th sundaa potluck but love the simplicity of just doing ice cream! I may have to steal that one! I still can't believe they are 6! Ellie too! I seems like so long ago but then again just like yesterday you were passing around that twin sonogram at my baby shower! God Bless the twins and praise the Lord for another year!

  5. They are so, so, so cute!!!

  6. Ty is beginning to look just like Carson!