Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 ears pierced

Jason and I had decided long ago that we wouldn't put an age on when our girls could get their ears pierced. We figured when they were willing to endure the pain they could do it. Madison had ears pierced2 summers ago by my Uncle Lee (who also pierced MY ears when I was 11!). Somehow in the last few months one of her holes closed up.

Recently she had been begging to get it re-pierced. And with all the piercing talk, Ally decided she really wanted to get hers done too. We promised them both that when daddy got his first check from the job he is working now, we would get their ears pierced.

That check came yesterday and so while we were getting last minute trip things at Walmart, we popped into the jewelry department and got it done. They both tried to chicken out at the last minute but I just cheered them through it.

Ally is so happy now that it is over and she has her fancy ($10) diamonds on her ears. :)


  1. Kennedy has been asking, but she doesn't know it hurts to get them done. I remember that feeling of first getting them done. I actually think my mom let me have some kind of a mullet so you could see my earrings even better. What was I thinkin?

  2. Love Ally's expression! Julia has fast closing holes as well. I have had to "repierce" her one ear more than once!

    I made the mistake of taking Ellie with me when Julia got hers pierced. It will be sometime before she does it, I am sure!

  3. Madison was very calm this time around huh? I love Ally's expression too. I've seen some go very well and some go not so good :)
    Too cute!!
    btw- congrats on Jason's job! I've been really thinking about you and praying for him to find something. :)

  4. Our Walmart gets two people and shoots them up all at once...kind of like the nurses at Forest Family Physicians!

  5. OUCH! That expression of Ally's made me cringe! I know what a big deal getting ears pierced is, so congrats, girls:) Krisit, you have gorgeous kids! They all look so happy and joyful:)

    Yes, congrats on Jason's job. I've been thinking about y'all a lot, too!

  6. Cute post! Your girls are so cute.

    And, yes!!!! Congrats on Jason's job. I have been praying and wondering how things were going.

    Now get on to posting about the Duggars!!!! I cannot wait for that post!