Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Super Cole!!!

Happy Birthday Colson Scott!!

My little superhero turned 7 on Monday.

We invited all the kids from our school group over to celebrate! The kids each got a cape and a mask to decorate. They all looked super duper cute - I think that is that super power... "able to get their own way with a super cute face!"

We had a superhero obstacle course so that the little heroes could show their skills in the areas of "faster than a speeding bullet," "able to leap a building in a single bound," and being "more powerful than a locomotive." It was really fun.

OK - I caved. I ALWAYS make my kids' cakes. I love to do it. I love to do something really creative and fun but this time around I ORDERED cupcakes from our local bakery. I felt like a bad mommy (not that it is bad to order your cakes - I have just always done it myself as a special gift to my kids) but honestly, the weight that was lifted off my shoulders once we placed the order (which was a spur of the moment decision) was fantastic. We ordered a red, white, and blue theme and used photoshop to create these SuperColes to put on the top. He loved them.

I just loved the cards he got - some of the kids made super sweet cards in superhero theme...

He got to register his first Webkinz - a little puppy names Scruffy.

I'm so in love with his little stinker. He is very funny. He hates school but is super smart. He still cuddles with me and loves to cuddle with his baby sister. I'm always worried about him getting lost in the shuffle but he's growing up more and more and starting to identify with his older sibling better. He is terrible at cleaning his room but wonderful at giving hugs. He is my one kids that I get most random, unsolicited gestures of love.

He would play video games 24/7 if we let him. He likes to put away folded laundry. He loves Star Wars and when he grows up he wants to be a zoo keeper (good thing - he's getting lots of practice right now! :) ) He can frustrate me till I want to burst into flames and can turn around and melt my heart with his sweetness.
I am praying that the Lord would draw Cole to Himself and hold him close. How wonderful it would be to see all his determination be used to advance the Kingdom of God!
Happy Birthday little man - I love you!


  1. Awh, I want him to be friends with Will. What a sweet boy! YOU are super woman Krisit. I don't mean to be cheesy, but it's true! That party looked like so much fun!

    And, ummm, excuse me, did you say you felt bad about ordering cupcakes? You printed out a picture and made homemade toppers!!!

    Speaking of cupcakes, I still haven't been to that bakery in Marietta. I feel like I need a special occasion to go. Does getting all my laundry done count as a special occasion?

  2. Happy Birthday Cole! I think the cupcakes were "super" cute- and you shouldn't feel bad at all. I hope Cole saved the party by opening all the presents :)

  3. What a cool party!! I loved the obstacle course thing and the music was perfect!!! You're a great mom, and I agree with Angela--you made the toppers?! WOW!

    Cole seems like a sweet little boy. I'm sure he was so happy with his party!

  4. I love this birthday theme!! Great job...I was just telling my friend how you always have the best birthdays for your kids!

  5. Sweet party! You are the bomb mom! Did you know that August 19 is Dolly's bday too? Now I will always think of your son on Dolly's bday!