Thursday, September 3, 2009

Branson Trip - Part One-" Lost at Sea"

It has taken me so long to get my trip posted. Jason has the laptop (with pictures) with him all day and I have been so, so busy that I am too tired at night to get it done. SO much has been going on. We had a great little 3 day vacation with some friends and came right back to the twins birthday party and then right into the (official) start of school.

Our friends Rod and Rachel have family that own a gorgeous house on Table Rock Lake in Branson. They allowed us to use it last weekend. It was so beautiful. I felt totally spoiled! They have a boat and jet skis. Right after we arrived I put Piper down for a nap, so when everyone else was ready to go for a boat ride I stayed back with her. They took a walkie talkie and gave me the other.

I settled in the quiet but not too much later I can hear Rod trying to talk to through the walkie talkie but it is breaking up so badly that I can't understand him. I can tell he is saying numbers, Perhaps a phone number? I just forget it since I really can't hear him. A little later it picks back up. He is definitely giving a phone number but I can't get all the numbers. I wonder if they are wanting me to make dinner reservations somewhere? But we brought our groceries.

A little later I hear Rachel saying numbers but this time I also hear her say "The boat won't work!" The 3 three adults are out there in the middle of the lake with 11 kids!!! I check on the baby and run down to the dock with the walkie hoping to get better reception. I piece together what I think is the phone number and call it - not knowing who it was I was even calling. After fumbling around with the voice on the other end I figure out it it is Rachel's sister. I explain and LONG story short, she arranges for a towing company to go get them

As they are being pulled back to our dock, Jason comes through on the walking saying "Just so you know, Tyson is going to need medical attention. He gashed his head open when sitting down too quickly." Oh boy. It just never ends for the Woodards!!

Everyone got back. We decided to clean Tyson's head (Rachel said there has been A LOT of blood) and let it heal on its own. We just couldn't imagine another uninsured ER visit!!

So - we started our trip off with a bang! Good memories!
Being towed back in...
The kids thought it was great!
Poor baby - he has already had stitches in his head twice!!!


  1. Oh poor, dear Tyson....really you need to write a book about your ER visits.

  2. Ouch! Been there done that too. Twice we have been on the lake, in a boat with children and the boat deciding not to work. Not 11 children, but still not fun.

    Poor Tyson! Hope he is feeling better.

  3. Ouch! Tyson's head with the blood running down looks scary! I hope he's feeling better by now. Yes, that boat ride with 11 kids looks a little bit noisy:) I think you got the better deal, staying back with the baby!