Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If Only... (a mother's day card)

I will post about my awesome mother's day/anniversary soon. For now, I wanted to share the Mother's Day card Madison made for me. The front said : "Without Mothers" and had this picture:

If you can't see it, it has 2 sections - the first is entitled "Words said" and you have "I hate you," "poop," "no!" "You're stupid," "pee pee," and "poopy face." It is followed by the section entitled "Scene" where she drew a house in chaos.
Inside is the title "With Mothers." The two sections appear again...

The "words said" are "yes ma'am," "I love you," "Good job," "please," and "thank you." The scene (spelled wrong again) is an orderly, lovely living room.

What a sweet sentiment but it does beg the question... "Does she actually live in this house??" I'm around pretty much all the time and I am VERY familiar with scene one. :)


  1. I bet it melted your heart receiving such a sweet little love note from your little girl. She's very creative! I love seeing what goes through kids heads. You're a great mom! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. These must be among the greatest gifts you can receive :)

  3. I never fully realized how "bad" the word Poop is...I will never say it in vein again.

  4. P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S! I love the words the best....how perfectly adorable. That is a keeper for sure.

  5. So funny! I am so glad that scene one happens in your house too. I like to call it organized chaos!

    By the way, I am TOTALLY with you on the post you did below this one. That is one (of many) reasons, why I don't FB. It is hard enough keeping up with blogs--much less 100's of friends on FB. I know, I know, I am so antisocial!

  6. That's a Hallmark card right there! She is so thoughtful! I can see her organizing a play with all her younger bro's and sister's for you and Jason. (Remember how they used to do that on The Cosby Show? - they would all come marching down the stairs to music and put on a show! I love that!)

  7. haha! I love the bad words she chose. Poopy face! That was a sweet card....a keeper for sure:)

    And by the way, 2 hours on Facebook?! That is crazy.