Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This little stinker is the love of my life!

Oh Piper - this girl is just the cutest thing ever. Of course, I say that about all my kids. Piper is in the obnoxious and super cute stage where she is so curious and getting into trouble all the while being so adorable. She pretty much knows that she has us all wrapped around her little finger. If I am trying to eat when she is not - this is where she perches herself...

I was eating my cereal the other morning after everyone else and Piper just couldn't stand that she was not getting to eat too (again).

A little later I wasn't quite sure where she was but heard annoying music coming from the kitchen.... I came around the counter and found her doing this (and yes, I had made her hair into a mohawk, I didn't realize I'd be taping her and then blogging it! She has the worst hair - you've got to let me have a sense of humor about it sometimes)...

She used to be scared of this dog - now she loves it. It's a little creepy - it tells her she is 'won-der-ful" and asks for hugs but she thinks it is pretty great. I just love this girl so much. I really think I have the greatest kids in the world.


  1. I love her little dancing... and the mohawk is very becoming :)
    I will have to agree (even though I know them through blogging) you do have some really great kids! I know you consider yourself truly blessed.

  2. What a cutie! Piper seems like she is FULL of personality! I'm happy for you Kristie! You are blessed with a beautiful family!

  3. I've seen cuter kids before......jk


    Uncle Jack

  4. haha! Love the mohawk! Piper is such a sweet girl. I love her moves.

    And what is it with kids always wanting Mommy's food (even after they've eaten a full meal). It happens to me each morning, too:)