Monday, May 18, 2009

Homeschool Convention

Things you'd expect to see at a homeschool convention:

a place for all the nursing mommas...
making sewing and wholegrains something spiritual...

great ways to braid and wear long hair...

a 7 year old working the cash register (he must do Math-U-See!)...

Things you would NOT expect to see at a homeschool convention:

(I don't know... that uniform is a little form fitted)

Who are these super cute, hip mommies?
What about these cool guys?

uh-oh... a tattoo... tisk tisk...

OK -so, making fun of my own. How do you think these people would like that I secretly took pictures of them and posted them on my blog? Nice. I may joke about homeschool stereotypes but the truth is that the face of homeschooling is changing. It was actually HARDER for me to find denim jumpers than it was trendy dress - not that that even matters - right? The truth is that these are all AMAZING people, amazing families, amazing moms who work so hard and sacrifice to do what they feel the Lord has called them to do. I am so encouraged at the homeschool conventions by the speakers, the people I meet, the great curriculum, and all the support offered to homeschoolers -new and old.
It doesn't matter if you have a denim jumper and a head covering or the latest designer shirt and a pair of heels (or Toms!) I love and salute you other homeschool moms out there. I am blessed to be among your ranks. And props to all moms out there - homeschool, private school, public school, stay at home, go to work.... moms that love their kiddos and are doing what they and their husbands believe the Lord would have them do. We are all called to different things and that is beautiful. Let's glorify God wherever we are. Moms rock!


  1. Hehehehe, that's one of the most funny things I have seen. I LOVE this post. I just need to make two suggestions of what you should add...

    1. The big "tote" buckets that the moms roll on wheels and tug behind them to put all their new curriculum in :)

    2. You should put a post or photo honoring the grandmother of know, our friend (no name mentioned, but you know who she is) who has the picture of her long lost aunt that totally looks as if she started the whole homeschool movement?
    HINT: think man of mars.

    I agree with ya, friend. I respect all the good, faith driven mommas out in the world...homeschool, non homeschool, bun, no bun, tattoo, no tattoo :0 (Can you still go to heaven if you have a tattoo? Hmm, I don't know about that one...that's going a bit too far. And, if you have two , the answer is NO for sure!)

  2. seriously, could my comment be any longer?!?!?! Good grief!

  3. Such a fun being a momma!

    Did you notice that the outfits of Andrea, you and myself look oddly similar? Is that like the official PP mom outfit? Maybe if that homeschool mom can catch up on her blog, she'll blog about that kooky great aunt. Hmmm....

    Those poor unknowing strangers, getting their pics taken.

    By thew way, many tattoos do you have now? 4? 5?

    Back to the Electric Company (I'm serious. First episode of the day, though she asked before her eyes were fully focusing upon awaking this morning. Man, this kids gonna be quite the reader!)

  4. At first I wasn't sure if I should think it was funny or not! So true though, I'm not even that familiar with homeschooling but I know it's changing, along with the stereotypes.
    I love that you took the pictures too!

  5. this IS funny...

    I relate because the homeschool moms/families I got to know in Charlotte were nothing like the ones I knew in Va... which made me think that just maybe I could do it and still "fit in"


  6. Kristi! That was hilarious! That first part is exactly what I would expect one of those conventions to be like. I bet you and your friends had lots of fun. Way to take pics for all of us:)

    Oh, were the Duggars there?

  7. oh i love the butt length frizzy hair and the jumpers. i have so so much to learn.

  8. Good post Kristi! You're a great mommy! I am proud of you home schooling your children.

  9. Kristi, you are the BOMB!!!! To have that many children and homeschooling too? WOW!

    I died laughing at the pictures. That is exactly the sterotype. It reminded me of the Bill Gothard seminar I went to years ago. GOOD POST!

  10. I admire you for homeschooling your kiddos too! I think it's great and I've always thought home schooled children turn out smarter. hee hee!

    I bet ya'll had lots of fun at the convention. Keep up the good work!

  11. I'm loving this! Great post! I especially love the hair pics!
    I love what you have to say about it too...there are so many options for schooling and each child and family is different and have different needs. There is not one right way to train and disciple your children. Me? I would have DIED if I was home schooled! I loved being at school. But, all of my siblings were home schooled at some point during elementary school and that worked for them. So, I love that you have taken this on as you feel that is what God has called you to do.
    For some reason I was thinking about you the other day and how I used to get rides home with you and I would end up staying for dinner a lot. (B/c my mom was busy feeding a baby or something!)