Thursday, July 28, 2011

What kind of girl do you want to be??

The boys were attending a super cool Star Wars birthday party on Sunday and so, having the rare occasion of being with just the girls, Jason and I took them to get burgers for lunch. Part of time we spent talking about what kind of girl you want you be. We asked Ally and Madi to tell us 5 words they would like people to use when they describe them. They shared things like patience, Christ-likeness, kindness etc... We then talked about how we could help them be more like the things for which  they wanted to be known.

At one point I looked at Pippa and said "What kind of girl do YOU want to be?" And her response was so funny - I grabbed my camera and asked her to repeat it...

When "long hair" was the first thing she said I was totally cracking up. Such a girl - pink and sparkly.

But I had to ask myself... how often do I, when I should be contemplating the inward man, focus on the outward. I don't spend a lot of time wishing my body were more fit but at times it is probably more time than I spend wishing my soul were more fit. How much time do I dream about the type of home I would like to have an what I would like to fill it with instead of how I can be of use to the house of God. How often do we neglect the inner man? Oh Lord, make me LONG for you more. Make me LOVE you more. Open my eyes to the worthlessness of all things temporary and convince me of the great value and significance of all things eternal.

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