Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Remember me? I'm the one who used to faithfully blog about what is going on in my family. I have had NO DESIRE to blog at all recently. I haven't even been reading my friend's blogs. Guess I just needed a break. I kept getting overwhelmed thinking of all the things I'd need to blog about to get caught up but today I decided I'd just give a basic review of what has happened and start with our great end of year party for co-op that we just got home from.
SO - here we go...
- we got a dog. No, hell has not frozen over and I haven't seen any pigs flying but I finally gave in. The Lord actually convicted my heart about keeping my kids and husband from having something they wanted so terribly. The story of how we got her and how we gave her to the kids is great - but you do remember that I said I'm not blogging all the stuff that had already happened - right? SO you'll just have to ask another time. Her name is Lola. She is a sweet (yes, I actually said sweet) chihuahua. She is full grown but TEEEENY!
- Easter - Good Friday stations of the cross. Easter worship service. Everyone looked cute. My Mom and Dad came in town. Ate at P.F. Changs. Worshipped our risen Savior.

- The kids think it's super cool for me to pass them their food or desserts out this window in the kitchen to them on the back porch (I think it's kinda cool too). It's like our own little drive thru window.

- School year - wrapped up. Kids know WAY MORE about Africa (from first month of school) than they do about Europe (from the last month). But don't you look sideways at me. As an adult I realized I knew NOTHING about the World Wars - know why? They are at the back of the book and teachers never got to them!! I'm not the only one. But that's not really an excuse, is it? All right - we will do some summer school.

...Which brings me to today. We had our end of year party with our FANTASTIC co-op... Continental Kids. I know I've blabbed and blabbed about our love for this group. It's still all true. Couldn't be more blessed and pleased to be a part of it.

I love this picture of Madison wither her buddy, Maddy. The friendships all these kids have will truly be treasured for years to come...

Pip was having fun on the play set. She gets funnier and funnier every day.

There was LOTS of activity in the Kent's backyard... including volleyball with inflatable globes...
... on the swings
... in the trees

....eating cake (because it was sweet Eliza's birthday! How wonderful for her to share her special day with all of us).

... and hanging with our besties
(Jason will hate this picture - but look at how happy Pippy is to be snuggled with her Daddy!)
Now - this was the coolest... Each family had each of their kids write adjectives that describe each of the other kids in the group. Each family also wrote one over-arching word that seemed to describe each child. (So, just to not lose you... for Abigail our family had one word "Christ-like" and then each of my kids told me their own word for her... friendly, leader, fun etc...) The amazing and talented Mrs. Kent made certificates that had our logo on it and it read "There is no friend in the world like you" (remember our geography theme for the year) and it then had their name on it with a list of all the words said about them. What a precious idea this was (I think it was mine... that's why I mention it. hahaha!) Today Amy read to each of them the 7 over- arching words in front of everyone and then gave them their certificate. There were several crying mommies. I think it was really special for each kid to hear the wonderful things their friends thought of them. Maybe I'll share some of things said about my little chickens in a future post. It was just a priceless time of loving affirmation.And the day was wrapped up with everyone holding hands in a big circle to pray for the world. How beautiful. I probably should have been in the circle praying but I just couldn't resist capturing this moment to have forever. These other 6 families are such a blessing to us.
And so I'm back. Did you miss me?


  1. Hey! Ariel here! Welcome back! Pip looks so cute in all of these pictures! I lover her dress! Glad you all had a blessed day. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the coolest mom I know! (other than mine :D) God bless you, Kristi!

  2. I did miss you! I still clicked on your blog every day during the delay, and today I clicked on it, and then immediately clicked on another website just to realize that I didn't see the word "Refreshing" on the title. Your kids know more about Africa and Europe than I do, so rest assured you are still a good mom.

  3. Yes! Kristi is back!! I was one of your faithful blog readers who was also getting tired of seeing "refreshing" at the top:) Glad you are back.....keep blogging because people do care what is going on in the Woodard household:)

    You are so right about not knowing much about the world wars. I was a history major in college and still don't know much. Teachers spend too much time on early history...I hardly know anything about the past 60 years!

  4. YES - Kristi, I (like Joe) still check the blog almost every day. I was REFRESHED not to see REFRESHING as the Title.

  5. Yea!!!!! You're back. I did miss you too. Now I can feel up to date of my darlings.
    (this is Mom - I still can't figure out how to sign in to this thing)

  6. I did miss you! Sounds like you've been busy. Glad to "hear" from you and catch up. :)

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog and even the comments above mine....What a great group you have to work with in your home school adventure! I love what you did with the adjectives/characteristics, etc. The last year I taught in VA I did that instead of giving classroom awards...I just did three words that describe each student. I will never do it any differently! The kids loved it, and I was taken back by the crying Mommies in the room! I may steal the idea of having the kids participate in it as well! Glad your back and in your blog are right about the new is invigorating!

  8. I think we all took blog vacations for awhile. I haven't been in the blog mood either lately. BUT, I'm glad you're back. I tell you what, you have one incredible home school group! What a great support group too! You are blessed! I'm so happy for you. Glad you're back.

  9. Also---what a cool mom you are to get a dog! I am still saying NO! Maybe when the baby gets about 5...