Monday, May 17, 2010

They're so dramatic!

One of things I missed blogging while on hiatus was the kids spring production with the Playroom Theater Company. How do I neglect to do a post where I can brag on my talented kiddos? SO here's the scoop... The night was "A Night Of Musical Theater and Oral Interp." Each of the kids were in a musical number and had their own monologue (or a duet). It was extraordinary to see each child's talents highlighted in this way. What a fantastic team of directors they had this semester!!

Before I brag on the kids I need to tell you about MY labor going into performance night. The three oldest kids had 3 costume changes and Colson had 2. Trying to get all their costumes organized for dress rehearsal and performance night was a task in and of itself! But for someone who loves visual organization I pulled it off pretty well if i do say so myself. Each kid had their own pattern of bag and they all coordinated - so pretty.
Then each bag had to labeled with what number it was for and what was inside of it. Poor Madison even had to get make up ON and OFF in between numbers so her bag had a mirror, lipstick, and makeup remover.
All the kids were in "Oh The Thinks You Can Think" from Suessical the Musical...

Cole even had a solo part. He did so great! Not to mention the girl next to him in the show was sick that night so he had to do her solo last minute and he was fantastic!!!

My favorite part he sang was "...think of a person too tiny to see..."

Madison's oral interp was a Little Red Riding Hood with an attitude number. She was perfect.

She starts by saying "It's not easy being me... I mean, I know, I'm absolutely adorable..." and then she goes on to talk about her struggle with wolves always trying to get her.

Carson was the best Charlie Brown ever. Man, poor Charlie Brown - he is so pitiful. Every time Carson would practice I didn't know if I should laugh or be depressed. Carson really did a tremendous job conveying how hard lunch time is for Charlie Brown.

One of my favorite lines is when he says "Its hard on a face when it gets laughed in." When the little red haired girl looks his way he quickly puts his lunch bag over his head and then debates whether or not he should take it off...

Madison was in the musical number "TEAM" from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.

She had the best line/solo when she sings "I don't think it's good for a team's morale to see their manager cry."

Cole did a duet with his buddy, Weston about having a brother with the giggles.

Cole was supposed to be irritated with his giggling brother...

Ally was angelic as she quoted a poem about asking God to make her life a blessing to others.
She starts by saying "God, make my life a little light within the world to glow..."
Finally, Carson and Ally were both in the musical number "I'd Do Anything" from Oliver.

Thye night was just delightful and I was SO PROUD of my guys!! We are so blessed to be a part of Playroom Theater Company!!


  1. Very Cool! I know you are so proud. It must have been fun to sit there and watch them all do their parts. Very sweet indeed!

  2. You've got a talented crew for sure...What a blessing to be able for them to have this outlet. Something they will always remember!