Thursday, March 11, 2010


2 weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to go to a Mom's Conference in Dallas. A dear friend got me a scholarship to attend and what a WONDERFUL time it was!! I went with 5 friends but met up with a few more down there. We had so much FUN and had time to be renewed in our calling as mothers. Here's the gang...
Our friend Tiffany does this convention every year. Her love for it is what spurred the rest of us to want to join. She knew all the best places to eat and shop. She even prepared the awesome little gift bags for each of us!!!
Inside were goodies to enjoy during the conference complete with a "friendship" cup that had scripture on it, a straw and a diet coke to fill it! How thoughtful she is!!
Sally Clarkson was fantastic (It was her Wholeheart Conference). We each had our own hotel room so that we could spend time alone reading, praying, and reflecting on what we were being challenged with. that alone time was precious to me and so appreciated.
We also had so much FUN together. I love these women so much. They made me laugh so hard at one point - I don't know if I've even laughed as hard as I did that night. We are also so cool - we do stuff like pretend we are smoking bread sticks. Jealous?

Another highlight was how Andrea decided to keep her diet coke cooled. Shed filled up were water goblet with ice water that was on the table and plopped her bottle in. It was really that funny - but one of the looks she got was. Next to the glass is her treat bag of chocolates (from Tiffany) that turned out to be the LOUDEST plastic bag ever to open during a quiet session. It made us all giggle like we were children.

Charming Charlies - Awesome! Find one near you. Alica has always has such good fashion sense...
Taking a rest while everyone else finished shopping at Anthropologie...
This was my view while sitting on the couch in Anthropologie. I thought it was beautiful and looked like it would made a good picture or magazine cover...

My ENORMOUS bowl of soup at Central Market - weird...
We packed out the SUV by the time we left - much shopping!! So fun!!
Can't even put into words the blessing this trip was to me. It was good for my body, my heart, and my soul.


  1. Times like that are the best. While I have never smoked a bread stick I have smoked a pretzel stick (they are not a habit forming!) I know you were the coolest table there! Everyone looking was just wishing they were with such cool people! So glad you had fun

  2. Sounds like an awesome time. So glad you got to get away and refresh :) Hope you and the family are doing well!

  3. Awh, what a fun trip! And such a blessing. You deserve it, momma!

  4. I am jealous---well a good jealous! SO glad you had some time for yourself. AND your own room!!! Typically I never use the word awesome,but I must say---own room, girls weekend, AWESOME!!!!!

  5. i am very jealous. i feel like we need to
    PLAN something like this for 2012. i just can't take it...