Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holding loosely

Those who know us well know that (once again) our financial situation right now is bleak. Even if work picked up like crazy today, the next two months (bc of how Jason is paid) will require divine assistance (as if everything we have is not from divine assistance) for us to get by.  It's humbling and tiring to find ourselves here again. We desire to be learning what God wants to teach us and to be remembering that our hope for any provision is from Him.  And certainly, I have found myself crying out to the Lord daily, even hourly (since J is paid by the hour) for Him to provide for us. I am thankful for the opportunity to be reminded where my trust is to be.

One thing we have learned... when trials cause us to hold things (money, jobs, possessions, our health, friends, even members of our family) more loosely we have the opportunity to prove that Jesus is an invaluable treasure. An onlooking world can see that Jesus is of utmost value when we prize Him more than the other things in our lives and especially when we prize him despite loosing the "other things" in our lives. We desire to testify to this with all our hearts.

But sometimes it is hard. Tuesday was a rough day. I was feeling weary. Not just of the trial but of trying to make it through the trial steadfastly. I became prone to worry and was tempted to question. I think it was a rough day for Jbabe too.

We started getting anonymous letters in the mail to encourage us. Let me quote from the fist letter..."I was praying over your family this morning - heavily burdened over your circumstances. I know that your needs are many and at times frightening. But the Lord also placed upon my heart to pray for your need of hope in these circumstances..... So where does hope come from? Sometimes it seem that it will come from a steady job, a consistent paycheck or from the weight of worry being lifted from weary shoulders. But we know these things offer only false hope or temporary relief....... But the Word of God strengthens, encourages, fits one for the battle, instructs and disciplines our hearts and in turn, our lives." 

So this mystery person has been mailing us Scripture every day. So far we have received Psalm 18:19-32, Psalm 9:9, Psalm 9:18, Psalm 4:2 and Psalm 10:17. What a blessing! We have been hanging these letters up on our mantle to remind our family and those who visit our home that our hope comes from the Lord. Interestingly, the letters first started arriving on Tuesday - my low day. Isn't God so faithful! I think a paycheck will make me happy but it only leaves me longing for the next when we know that at HIS right hand are pleasures forevermore.

God, help us hold all your gifts loosely so that we may be held more closely by YOU.


  1. Ah, thank you! Looking heavenward is so very hard amidst the world's distractions. Your words...rather...His words have encouraged me this evening.

    Praying for your continued hope!

  2. You certainly are loved by a lot of people Kristi. Your circle of friends seems to be such a support. And I know you support them too. I will be praying for you.

    ps - do you coupon? I could give you a tutorial. Your girls would get really into it too! if you wanna call me, I'll tell you everything you need to know. just a thought. :)

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  4. Who is joven?!?