Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reformation Celebration!!

Oh what fun!! The Woodards took a step through the looking glass to celebrate Reformation Day.
Madison was sweet Alice. She is in this stage right now of smiling without showing her teeth because she doesn't like them. :(

Carson was perfectly suited as the Mad Hatter.

Ally really wanted to be the Cheshire Cat. I couldn't really make her look that "Cheshire-ish" but she loved just being a black cat. She is so precious.

The Queen of Hearts!! This little dictator rules our house sometimes and definitely my heart. :)

Here she is saying "Off... head!!"
Colson is the rabbit late for his very important date.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dee because no one wanted to be Tweedle Dum. :)

This isn't for the sake of their character - they are like this all the time!!

Every year we celebrate the Reformation. Oct. 31 is often called Reformation Day because Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis up on Oct. 31 1517. Thus preserving the truth of salvation by grace alone through faith. We rejoice in how God has protected His church.

We had 5 other families over to celebrate with us. It was so much fun.

Here are the Lees - the Statue of Liberty and a pilot...

The Tracy crew - Police officer, nurse, clown, fairy, and doctor...

This was so terribly creative. The Kents were all weather related. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, lightning, little Miss Sunshine, and a weather balloonist.

The Markmillers - the hobbit, Dorothy, and soccer player...and the sweet Caldwell girls - a ladybug, a butterfly, and a puppy...
This was before all the food -our fall spread was DE-LICIOUS!

We played games - this is the "eat the donut of the string without using your hands" relay game. Even Piper and little Lydia played. Piper was SO excited to run back to her team when they were all cheering so loudly! It was my favorite part of the night.

We had a little lesson on the reformation and watched a clip from "Luther" which really made me want to watch it again.

The we had a praise and worship time. It was delightful to worship with out friends and hear all the kids singing and participating. What a fun night!!
Oh - and my hilarious husband put this sign out front. Since we are in full party mode we turn out the front lights and don't answer the door...


  1. they all look awesome, but why didn't anyone want to be tweedle dum??? :)

  2. Michelle - they associate DUM - with DUMB and to them that is a naughty word. I tried to explain the difference to no avail! :)

  3. SO cute and so creative!!! They all look great! I love the two Tweedle Dees:) You can tell they are in character. I like the weather kids, too. I also love your idea of celebrating Reformation Day instead of Halloween.

  4. What creative costumes! I love it. :)

  5. Once again....well done. Looks like a great time! Everyone looked so very sweet. How very cool that you have developed such great relationships with families in your church.

  6. I was excited to see what clever idea you came up with this year! Love it!!

  7. Good golly, mom of the year, again. I loved the "off...head!" Too cute. And, the rabbit late for a date, so cute. I'm stealing this idea next year.

  8. you are amazing. the only one with themed outfits. so so sweet.
    does madison need braces?

  9. Very creative! I love it! You are such a good mom Kristi! I love how you and all your friends and families get together to do stuff! Very sweet!

    And the bailout sign, funny!