Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mary Poppins.... Practically Perfect

Practically perfect, in every way... (lyrics from a song in Mary Poppins: the musical). We took a trip to Dallas last week to see the show and enjoy Dallas. We had been planning on going to see the show for a long time and even bought the tickets months ago. I was so glad we had already purchased the tickets because it is one of those things that I just know had we waited until the last week or so we would have decided that it wasn't the best way to spend our money with things being a little uncertain for our financial future. But they were purchased! We had to go! :)

Not only did we go, but 4 other families from our small group went as well! What fun!!! Dallas was a mad house! We picked (unknowingly) the weekend of the Texas OU game (which is evidently a BIG deal) and it was also the state fair. It was very hard to find hotel rooms but we all managed to get rooms in this snazzy little Hilton in Southlake. It was quite the amazing little community we were in. There were all sorts of shops and things to do within walking distance.

We walked around our fist night there and hung out in Barnes and Noble and went to eat. The next day we did a little shopping. (Angela - I got to go into Anthropologie for the first time and Jason surprised me with a gift card!!!)

Then it was off to American Girl Place for the girls and the Galleria for the boys (turned out the Galleria was not much fun for little boys but AG was awesome for the girls)

We ate lunch at the Bistro.

Piper loved this brightly striped booth - had to snap a few pictures...
We raced home from AG and got ready for the play. Jason hung out at the hotel with the twins and Piper and another dad with a little one. Here we are sipping our tea and being very British before the play...

There was crazy traffic to compete with but my friend, Andrea, has this amazing GPS that routes you away from the traffic. It was pretty exciting to get there.

I LOVE this ladies...
Here are all the kids...

It really was practically perfect. The play was great. Burt walked up the side of the stage and upside down across it! It was so cool. Mary Poppins even flew out over the audience - right in front of us in the balcony and disappeared through the ceiling.
I only wish it could have been longer. We enjoyed a laid back day on Saturday, window shopping and hanging out with Joby. We still managed to beat traffic and got home in record time.
I am so thankful for my husband for such a great family trip and for my friends who provided the great company.


  1. What an awesome trip! The pictures are great and I love seeing your girls with their little dolls :)
    We saw Mary Poppins here last fall with my 2 nieces and they loved it as well. :)

  2. I want to see Mary Poppins SO badly! I am hoping they come to Charlotte soon:) What a fun trip to do with your kids and friends. I bet they LOVED it. I want to go to American Girl, too!

  3. Kristi, you guys could be the Vontrap family. Well, except for the fact that you are the actual mother in this situation. :) But, when I saw the picture of you guys pretending to sip tea..."tea, I drink with jam and bread" popped into my mind. You are such a fun momma!

    Anthropologie buddy! yay! What are you gonna get with your card? It's always hard for me to go in there and not get something kitchen-y. But, their clothes are fabulous! Have fun.

  4. Mary Poppins is coming to the Kennedy Center in July...I am trying to decide if we could make that happen! It was great in NYC and it sounds like the touring group is just as good. Wasn't the set just magical?

  5. Can you find out the exact GPS your friend has...I am in the market for one when we drive up to NY in April.

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  7. Aww Man--I am kindly sweetly jealous! I want to see MP so bad! Good for you. It is always better to buy the tickets early so at the last minute you don't chicken out and think it is a waste of money. Things always work out and look at the memory you made!