Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Last week Jason and the girls participated in our church's "Daddy Daughter Date." The dads take their daughters out for dinner and then meet at the church for dessert. This year they had a magic show that the girls could not stop talking about.
These girls sure do love their daddy. They both had made a painting for him and Madison wrote the most precious letter (I wish I had it with me so I could share an excerpt - but I don't. I'm pretty sure one of the things it said was that he is astonishingly generous).
Like father like daughter...

I love their precious relationships. When I see Jason's great love for his daughters (and his sons) I am reminded of the heavenly Father's great love for me. How amazing to think His love for us far exceeds any earthly parental love. It hardly seems possible.


  1. Such a sweet idea! I love when kids go on dates with their parent of the opposite sex. You have 2 beautiful girls :)

  2. Very sweet! And yes, your girls are so very pretty!

  3. omg im an anonymous person, but i would like to say... the fourth picture is funny!! XDD hahas it so cute all of you! XDD