Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Brothers

I am often sad that I don't have any sisters. Now, while growing up I didn't mind one bit - I liked being the only girl. But now, as a grown up, I wish I had a sister! Especially when I read my blogs by Donna, Denise and Dolly (3 of 5 sisters!!). They have such awesome relationships. I love to read about it.

However... I do have the best brothers in the world!!! This past week was a great reminder of that. On Thursday, I got a box in the mail. Isn't fun to get a package when you weren't expecting it! I opened up this big box and it is from Jack. It is FILLED with makeup and hair products. FILLED!! I could hardly believe it.
I once told a friend in high school that I could swim in a pool of new makeup and be so happy. Pip actually did roll around in this a bit.
I didn't count everything but there were 86 different tubes of lipstick!!!!

How amazing is that?! It took me two days before I finally moved the "display" to my bathroom and start using it. Jack is so awesome (and a HUGE thanks to Johnny for the loot!!). Jack travels a ton and ALWAYS send my kids a postcard from where he goes. He is such a great brother and uncle.
And speaking of great brothers and uncles brings me to Joby. Once a year Joby does "Spontaneous Day" with the kids. Instead of sending them something on their birthday he does this big event with a big treat on a random day in the year. The kids love it. It is always so fun and they always score big time (lat year they got a Wii).
This past weekend Joby surprised the kids by showing up to be their babysitter on Friday night while Jason and I went out. Then he prepared an awesome photo scavenger hunt for them to do on Saturday. The boys raced against the girls. They loved it. They final destination brought both teams together at the Christian Bookstore where they each got to pick out a new Webkinz!
And if that wasn't enough, when they got home they were surprised to find 2 laptops - just for them - rigged to only access Webkinz and Microsoft Word (to type all their many stories they write). It is was so, so fun.

SO, all in all I know I am super blessed with my super brothers. Jack and Joby I love you dearly and am so thankful to be your sister!!!


  1. Isn't it a blessing when we "grow up" and have good relationships with our siblings. What a great testiment to YOUR kids.

  2. That's so awesome! I can definitely understand your feeling of wanting to have sisters- I always felt the same way. However, I don't get anything like that from Brady or my other brothers... I think I need to talk to him about how to treat the baby sister!
    Your kids are blessed in so many ways :)

  3. Oh my word!!! Where did Jack get all of that stuff?! I bet you were so excited opening that box--plus it was all for you:) You could open up your own drugstore in your bathroom cabinets!

    And Joby is one good uncle! I bet your kids love it when Spontaneous Day happens. What a great idea.

  4. Where on earth did Jack get all that stuff? That had to be the funnest package ever to open! You're right, you've got great brothers and they love you dearly!

  5. NO way! Goodness Kristi, this morning your blog posts are just getting sweeter and sweeter as I catch up on your life out there in OK.

    You do have very sweet thoughtful brothers! Sniff sniff on this post!