Thursday, September 3, 2009

Branson Trip - part two- "On the Stage"

After the boat made it back, Rachel made spaghetti dinner for us all (homemade sauce!). And then we headed off for the "Amazing Pets" show that my brother, Jack, scored the tickets for. It was super cheesy and we were certainly the youngest people in the auditorium now that school was back in session but we thought it was great because Carson and Jason were called up to be part of the show!

Carson was part of a magic trick. He was up there for at least 10-15 minutes. He was hilarious!! He was really the star of the show. I was so proud of him!

Jason was also asked to come up. He wasn't very excited about it but made it pretty funny anyways..

Check out the chick next to him. I thought about trying to photoshop about 100 pounds on her. :)

The kids just LOVED the show. They loved every single animal and every single act. They were laughing so loud at every cheesy joke. It was so fun to see them enjoying themselves so much. Thanks Jack!


  1. We will have to plan a Branson get together... we are all about Cheesy Jokes!

    Did you enjoy it? What else did you get to do?

  2. Kristi! Where is the Duggar part? Did you hear she is pregnant again! Due in the Spring.

  3. Sounds like such a fun trip! Sorry about Tyson- I hope he's feeling better. Is that a boy thing- constantly getting hurt??

  4. Too funny. Oh gosh. I just love the look on Jason's face on stage!