Saturday, November 12, 2011

An update on Colby

For those who have asked and those who are wondering I wanted to give an update on our friend, Colby, as he battles brain cancer.
His surgery went well but could not get all of the tumor. The tumor was also a more serious grade than they had hoped. But Colby has felt incredibly well considering brain surgery and more recently radiation and chemo. We hosted a little surprise party for him for completing his first week of treatment.

The kids decorated and used the chalk board as place to put to use last week's memory verse...

 Thanking God for His goodness and asking for healing...

 Here are Colby, Emily and sweet Jireh. In their latest update they wrote " the Lord has filled our days with many joys and many struggles.  Both are gifts from God."

What a testimony they are - not to themselves but to the sustaining grace of the Lord. Oh what He will do in those willing to trust Him! And it makes me wonder why I wait for tragedy to show "such faith." Are not every little inconvenience in life under His control as much as cancer cells?? Oh for grace to trust Him more!
                Pray for healing and strength and perseverance and joy for these dear friends of ours.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Praying for them. Love your insight..."and it makes me wonder why I wait for tragedy..." Amen. Oh for grace to trust Him more!!!! Praying!