Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So - how does a mom of 7 on a crazy strict budget afford to get pumpkins for all her kids??
Wait till November 1! The kids kept begging... I kept waiting. Just at our local WalMart they went from $4 each to $1 a piece over night!

They don't even really care about the carving - they just all want the seeds. :)

Ooooh - and while they carved I made these pumpkin cookies with salted caramel butter cream icing! SO YUMMY!
I just love fall - and Thanksgiving - and the slowing down of life. Learning SO much about thankfulness all the time. It is vital to the joyful Christian life. Hoping life is slowing down for all of you too - and that you might bask in thankfulness - no matter what your situation is.

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