Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrating Easter!

I love Easter weekend.
Our Easter worship service is my favorite of the year.
I wore too much mascara this year forgetting that I always cry and cry.

We made plans with the Lees for the weekend because their time left here is short. This is another reason why I shouldn't wear too much mascara these days. Sniff sniff.

My parents also switched their plans last minute and came up as well. I love have lots of people to celebrate life with! It makes it more exciting and ... celebratory!

Friday we all went through the Good Friday experience at our church. A walk through of the stations of the cross. Very touching. Afterwards we all came to our house for dinner and a little Good Friday service where we extinguished candles as we read each portion of the account of the death of Christ.
I forgot to take any pictures because I suffer from a mental disorder. It's probably called "i-birthed-a-lot-a-babies-itis."

On Saturday Nana and I took the kids shoe shopping. Ugh. Can you say torture? Warning - do not wait until the day before Easter to find Easter shoes for you kids. I should have known this but please see the aforementioned disease.

Because we attend worship service on Saturday night we celebrated the resurrection a little early.

After church we just HAD to snap pictures. Sadly, the ones with me in it are blurry. Boo.

After the service our dear friends the Kents and Lees came over for dinner and to color eggs.

And for dessert we made smores using peeps in the place of marshmallows. The kids called them SMEEPS.

On Sunday we enjoyed another fantastic breakfast from Papa. The Lee's came over early afternoon (after my parents hit the road) where we had to switch our egg hunt to the great indoors because of all the rain. I think they had more fun inside anyways.

 We hid the eggs EVERYWHERE - so they had to tear the place up to find them.

 On the table the candles we extinguished on Good Friday were lit to remind us that He lives.

 After our delicious lunch the adults tried to stay awake while the kids kept performing skits with the buckets...

It was a great three days of celebrating the most important event in the world's history and in my life. Jesus is alive and He is still in the business of changing lives. To know that I have been saved from the wrath of God and from the power of sin is still overwhelming to me. Oh that I would live each day as mindful of the cross as I did these three days.


  1. I love your PASSION for Easter!!!! And I am so stealing the Peep Smore deal. What a great way to use up Easter candy too! WE have several boxes of peeps left over!

  2. Glad you're back to blogging! I loved reading your Easter recap. Your family is so sweet--I love all the activities you all do together!