Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Valentine's Visit

I was so glad that snow did not keep my brother, Jack from visiting us this week. We were all so excited to see him. The children swarmed in like vultures, surrounding him at all times. They love their Uncle Jack. The kids wanted to have a Valentine's Party with him and so Jack decided they would have an "I love Uncle Jack Valentine's Party." (did I mention he's clever)
So, they made sugar cookies in the afternoon and he took us out to dinner (treat!). The next morning he came over for breakfast and he and the kids all had hot chocolate and then iced (and ate) their heart cookies. The LOVED it. And so did Jack.

The kids also got Jack to put the Hey Tell app on his phone so that they could send him voice messages. And Jack showed them his app that takes a picture of someone and then makes the look fat. They thought that was hilarious.

It was great to have my brother here, even for just a short time. He is so fun and funny and generous. I am pumped that he is going to get to visit a lot more this year!

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  1. Jack is a great Uncle! That's awesome that he's able to visit more- I'm sure he loves every minute!