Sunday, February 6, 2011

A charge to a 13 year old girl...

One thing I really wanted for Madison as she entered her teen years was to be charged, by godly women who love her, on different topics. I had thought about doing something like this when she turns 16 but then considered that we don't know what our near future holds and that we may not live here or have these women in her life 3 years from now. So, why not do it now and we can always do again when she's older. I asked the other mom's in my co-op to charge her on specific topics - they are all so gifted and have so many strengths to draw upon.
We met at our house for birthday cake. Jason took the other rug rats out for ice cream so that it would be peaceful. My friend, Rachel (whose topic was hospitality), brought me all the things for table - to make the room so pretty.

I think Madi enjoyed hanging out with the "ladies" while we waited for everyone to arrive. Once we are together we sat down for chocolate cake.
(one without me)
(one with me - thanks Rach)

After cake and coffee we gathered in the living room and me precious friends poured out their hearts my daughter on the following topics....

Rachel spoke on the biblical mandate for hospitality and how doing it well honors others. She encouraged Madison to open her home to others one day and be helpful when we do it now. Most importantly she reminded her to never get caught up in the details like Martha but to cling to Christ like Mary.

 She gave Madison beautiful little serving bowls.

Amy K. spoke to he about the biblical mandate to honor your husband and how honoring your parents now will prepare you. She spoke about how at the heart of honoring a husband, or parents, or siblings is love. She drew upon I Corinthians 13 in her charge and promised that the Lord would supply all she needed. 

Amy T. spoke on the biblical mandate to treasure God's Word. She gave her 3 sweet gifts that went along with her points. One of them was a journal to write her memory verses in (which she started filling up the next morning). She encouraged Madison to remember that God's Word is complete and can fully equip her for everything she needs in life and godliness.

Tiffany charged Madison on the biblical mandate to love your children and how loving her siblings now will prepare her for that. She praised Madison for the loving behaviors she has seen in her already and encouraged her to pour herself our in the service of her family.
She gave Madison a beautiful silver heart necklace that says "love always" on the back.

Andrea had the daunting task of addressing purity; how the biblical mandate to be sexually pure starts in the heart and mind now. She wrote a beautiful story comparing two potential wedding days for Madison -one filled with joy and ready to offer her entire self to her husband and one filled with regret and fear because she had already given away her heart and had it broken. It was a beautiful encouraging letter reminding Madison that sex is not bad - it is beautiful and fantastic but only within the confines of marriage and how it can be most treasured when she has saved all of herself, body, mind, and heart for that one special man.

She also gave Madison a little gift - a bracelet with a little heart charm.

My heart was so full at the end of the night. Full of love for my daughter who is now a young woman and full of love and gratitude for the precious women God has put in my life. I think the night meant a lot to Madison and will always be a special memory.


  1. i can hardly stand how wonderful that all is....
    what a sweet idea and a treasure of a night.

  2. Love this! Now I have to come with an idea to transform it for a boy. :)

  3. Beautiful!

    Boy idea-'adventure' walk. Along the walk meets up with special men in his life to talk about honor, purity, service, Godly leadership ect.

    Kristi, you are an inspiring mom!

  4. That's really amazing... that you have girlfriends to speak to and encourage your children and that you had to thought to do this for Madison. Very inspiring!

  5. This is a wonderful idea. May I please steal it in a few years?

  6. lovely!

    I echo those are inspiring!
    Permission to use this idea....please!