Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year's Eve

We were so excited to the hourly bags we did last year. I must admit, even I was really looking forward to it - and for someone who cherishes the quiet time at night when all 7 kids are in bed - that's saying something. This year we celebrated with the Lees which made it even more fun.

 5:00 - plates, napkins and streamers to decorate for our pizza dinner...

 puzzle challenge - twins vs. kids vs. adults - but the puzzles were so hard that no one finished. SO we all helped the twins complete theirs as the hour ended.

 Family worship  - we all filled out papers identifying how we wanted to be more Christ-like in the upcoming year and a Scripture to memorize to help us. Then we sang worship songs together.

 game time! This is a fun fun game... charades on crack...

 This was a Christmas gift and if you have little signers then I highly recommend it. I think it has been on in our house every single day since Christmas.

 Get comfy and watch a movie.

 Pause the movie and have ice cream sundaes.

 All you need to celebrate the new year.
 Here in the middle of the country we have to record the ball dropping at 11:00 and then watch it at midnight. SO, disregard the word "LIVE" on the screen - but the kids don't know the difference. :)

And once we rang in the new year of our sweet guests had to hightail it to the bathroom to "toss her cookies." Poor baby. All I can say is we sure do know how to par-tay. I mean, is a celebration really complete if it doesn't include cleaning up vomit at the end? Oh well, so not the highlight of the night. But OTHER than that - it was a blast. Happy New Year!


  1. you are so awesome. i don't know how you have the energy for it. i seriously don't want to tell my kids that there isn't anything going on new years eve,,, i just want everyone in bed and even staying up myself is hard!

  2. I love this idea... the bags every hour to help the hours pass! What a fun thing to do. I may just have to steal it sometime :) You are awesome!

  3. Fun night! You are SO creative!