Friday, January 21, 2011

Merry Christmas! 2010

I really enjoyed Christmas morning 2010. We woke up singing Good Christian Men Rejoice, like usual. The rest of the morning just seems more joyful and relaxed.
 The kids seemed to do a great job of waiting patiently for their next gift and enjoying watching one another open their own. They all seemed excited for their siblings and thankful for their gifts. (Totally not trying to brag - normally I feel like sending everyone back to bed moments after we have begun!)

 Tyson got the kid's camera he had wanted so badly. By evening he had taken over 1000 pictures and drained the batteries. Here he is taking a picture of his camera taking a picture...
 We had Papa's famous pancakes for breakfast (the very best).
The Lees joined us for our Christmas lunch/dinner meal.

Later, the Markmillers joined us for dessert and games. We just love all these families and think having newly adopted, Lauren, as part of the crew is a real treat!
And then they were all ready for bed. Piper has new friends to cuddle with...

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