Monday, February 8, 2010

Target is not the only place people shop

I feel like I never know about the "good stuff." I always have to figure out what is cool, or trendy, or the best this or that from my "in the know" friends. I had never heard of Anthropology until a year and half ago. My friends' kids have the coolest clothes from places I've never heard of. Basically, I feel like if it isn't at Target I don't know it's out there!
Williams Sonoma is another one. Never heard of it until about 2 years ago. Never been in one until 2 days ago.

My precious FLOCK not only provided my children with Christmas gifts - they included a $75 gift card to the GAP to get a gift for Jason and $75 card to Williams Sonoma for a gift for me. We got Jason a great shirt and jeans a few days before Christmas with his card but have a harder time getting down to Williams Sonoma for me (not exactly the place you want to take 7 kids). But finally I found time to go this past Saturday. Seeing as a Dutch Oven was $200 over my gift card budget, these are the treasures I ended up with...
I am so in love with everything I got!!! First you have to notice the ladle. I LOVE this ladle. I think it is a little odd that I wanted this ladle so much but I did. Who needs a $25 ladle?? No one. But who WANTS this $25 ladle? This girl!!
A friend of mine has this ladle (she got it with a gift card too!) and every time I use it I feel so happy. It is super heavy. For whatever reason it just is one of those luxury items that you can buy when you have a gift card that put a smile on your face. I have used every day - including the day I bought it. :)
This thing is another favorite...
I don't know what it is supposed to be but I am using it for making the 9 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I make almost every day! My parents have something like it and when I used it at their house I loved how it made lunch prep so fast. I am super excited about it.
Then I got 2 kitchen towels. I always wish I has some cute Anthropologie dish towels but I think these are pretty great...
Finally, I got these containers...

In the almost 14 years we have been married I have bought two of those thousand piece tupperware sets that have containers in every size imaginable. Somehow they have all disappeared. I guess they go wherever our spoons go and the kids socks. Anyway - I have been wanting some good pieces - not the kind that get scratchy and then get stained with red sauce and then look awful forever. These are pretty cool and will get me started.

I am so thankful for the gift card that has helped me broaden my horizons. Isn't it great? Fun treats can make even little tasks more fun.


  1. there are other stores than target? what has this world come to?!

  2. Kristi, you did the SAME THING I would have a lot of little trinkets instead of one big item.

    That dish towel is darling! One of these days, you'll get your anthropologie dish towels. :)

    By the way, just for fun, every time I say the word "ladel" I feel irish. Like I have to say it with an irish accent or something.

  3. Oh, and the other tool is GREAT for icing cakes!

  4. I love Williams Sonoma, but I really hadn't been in one until we moved here. I'd seen the magazines but going into the store is much better. There isn't much I can afford but I still love browsing. I want to take the cooking class they offer at their store here :) Gift cards are so fun to use! :)
    But I miss Target! :(

  5. Aww...glad you had fun. Those things are awesome. I love it all.

  6. I love WS! You're right...not the place to bring kids. Any time I go into our WS with my kids, I leave with a major headache b/c I"m afraid they will knock over a $500 copper kettle or somethign! That ladel looks nice and sturdy. You'll get lots of use out of that:) Good choices!