Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Sweet Girls

I've been a bit in a funk about blogging. Every day I think - you need to go do that post about your girls so you can blog about other stuff and somehow I never end up doing it. But finally! Here I am - ready to write just a little about my sweet girls.

My darling Ally who turned 9 last month...

From the time she was an infant we have called her "Peach." It has somehow seemed very fitting as she too is so naturally sweet. I love this girl like crazy. Ally probably is the most unselfish child I have ever known. Don't get me wrong - she has her moments - but all in all this girl thinks of others all the time. She would give up a brand new toy to someone who mentioned they loved it. She loves to write letters to her friends and give them gifts (and by gifts I mean little trinkets she already owns, that sometimes might be odd, but she loves them nevertheless). Just today she asked me if we could go to Barnes and Noble to use all the money she has to get a gift card for her Daddy for Valentines Day. Isn't that precious?!

She has a mothering instinct that is in full force. And not a "I can tell you what to do" sort of way but in a gentle, loving, nurturing sort of way. If ever I need help with Piper I will call Ally. Not only because she will do it well but because she will love doing it. Actually, every morning after Piper gets in bed with me and gets her snuggles in she will ask me to call Sissy (Ally). When we have friends over that have young children Ally will gladly play with them and help them find activities they will enjoy. A friend told me recently that her 3 year old considers Ally her best friend.

When one of my kids is having a bad day or a hard time Ally will stop what she's doing and trying to help them. If someone wants a buddy to go play outside with them and no one wants to go, Ally will go.

Her front teeth are finally growing in after a year of not having them (they were kicked out in a trampoline accident last October!!). She doesn't like when her hair gets long. She loves to draw and to take pictures. Her favorite things to eat are fruit and bacon. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher and a mommy.

My darling Madison who turned 12 last month...

12 years ago this girl made me a mommy. I love her desperately. When she was little we called her "Sweet Pea" but now it usually is dropped to "Sweets." This girls is AMAZING!! She too is amazingly selfless but in a way different than her sister. I do not think Madison would give a new gift she had received to a friend that mentioned they loved it. But she would, in a heart beat, sell that item and send the money to the mission field. I have never met a child more focused on missions and wanting to make a difference in the kingdom of God. She is counting down the days till she can go to Africa. She basically does send every penny she gets to either World Vision or Samaritan's Purse. She is the one who gets the others to do things like extra chores to raise money for Haiti.

After reading a biography about George Muller she was convinced that there was no reason why we shouldn't sell our house and everything we own to give to missions. She kept saying "Don't you believe God will provide for us if we do that?!" She has such a grasp on investing in eternity. She might start saving money for a doll or jewelery but it will never last - it always ends up with a missions organization. She will also ask me questions like "If we aren't supposed to care what other people think of us why do you put on makeup and shave your legs?" :) She receives the Voice of the Martyrs publication for kids and the day it arrives is her favorite. She often uses her computer time to go to Kids of Courage or Samaritans Purse. She is currently trying to raise money to sponsor a little girl from Zimbabwe.

She is mothering too - but more in the "I can run a house and tell everyone what to do" sort of way. She loves to cook and has done our entire meal more than once. She likes to watch cooking shows and cake decorating shows with me. She can get everything on my grocery list - I send her to the back half of the store while I cover the front. She loves school and creative writing. She hates fruits and vegetables. Her favorite dinner is chicken and rice or steak. She loves the Duggars. She wants to be a missionary to Zimbabwe when she grows up.

Happy birthday my Sweet Girls. May you grow in the Lord and know that you are LOVED!!!


  1. Okay, that is just precious. I want a girl soooo badly! Kristi, I hope you have read that to your girls. I'm sure they already know how you adore all those little details about their personalities, but hearing their mom bragging on them...that would definitely fill their buckets!

  2. You have amazing girls! I love hearing you brag about them and I am sure they know just how much they are loved. Happy (belated) birthday :)

  3. What great tributes. You are certainly blessed.

  4. I bet I love them more than you.

  5. Kristi! What a sweet post. All of your kids sound so fun and sweet but these two girls are so precious! What good hearts they have. I know they make you and Jason so proud.