Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving in Lousiana

We had so much fun visiting my parents in Monroe and celebrating Thanksgiving together with them and Joby. We drove to Dallas where we met Joby and had half the kids get in his car so we weren't double buckled for the entire 8 hours. My mom makes the most DE-LISH thanksgiving meal - I can't imagine eating anything else. We had a delightful laid back Thanksgiving day.

Pip LOVES her boots...
She LOVES her daddy like crazy cakes!

And she thinks I'm pretty awesome too...
All the kids sure do love Uncle Joby! Uncle Jack was in Spain for Thanksgiving but he will be with us for Christmas.
I will have to have Jason fix the lighting in this one in photoshop. Don't may parents look great? my mom is GORGEOUS!
Nana took us to a Christmas tree farm. It was super duper fun. In the fall it is a fully functioning pumpkin patch so it had lots of fun fall stuff.
We spent the afternoon there and even watched the sun set...
Pip and Nana on the hay ride. They did a ride just for our family - they were so so nice there...

They had huge tree swings...
Playing in the hay tunnels...

They had this train thing that the kids rode - they filled up the whole thing!
OK - this is my current obsession. I WANT ONE OF THESE IN MY BACKYARD. Jason thinks I'm a little nuts but I'm researching online. It is this adorable water play thing with water pumps and pipes that send little rubber duckies swimming to the other pool. I really want to recreate it b/c I think it would be hours and hours of fun. It certainly had all 7 of mine very excited and involved in playing the day we were there.

Back on the hay ride...

Papa also took all the kids out on his boat to look for alligators - which they saw!! I can't believe we didn't send a camera to get pictures.
On Saturday we went to the ULM game. My kids are the BIGGEST ULM fans ever. Despite the fact that the coaching staff was fired the day after the game, my kids have promised to be true blue War Hawk fans for life. :) (Pray for my dad to find a new job... oh and Jason!)

Madison can wear my shoes now - for the game I let her wear a pair of my boots. She is growing up so fast that it makes me sick!
yet another picture of Pip
The drive home was just awful!The traffic was redonkulous but we made the best of it. 9 Woodards in a van for 11 hours. We made up new games and sang songs in a round and tried to keep everyone from getting on each other's nerves. it worked for the most part. It was great trip. I have so much to be thankful for.


  1. Love it!! Mom hadn't told me about Uncle Bob's job. I will be praying for both of ya'll!! And there is no way little Piper is going to be 2 soon! The time flies!

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun! What great pics....your parents are adorable. And, I have to say I love the boys with longer hair (well, I love the boys with short hair too...I just love em' period...but I do like their new 'dos.)

  3. What a great time! Your family has to be the most adorable family ever. But not just because they are so stinking beautiful, but because your love for each other JUMPS off the pages!

    Still praying for Jason and will be praying for your Dad too. Love to all

  4. Awesome post. I was looking forward to this one. Know that I have your family in my prayers continually.

  5. Sounds like such a fun Thanksgiving. Will be praying for your dad and Jason! :) I love Pip's cheerleader outfit, she's too cute!

  6. Kristi, your parents look exactly the same!Your mom is GORGEOUS and hasn't aged a bit!