Monday, December 21, 2009

Pippi turns 2!

On December 5th my sweet little Piper turned 2. My how the time flies.
Here she is helping mommy make her birthday cupcakes...
I know this picture looks posed - but I am just really that cheesey in real life...
My dear sweet friend, Rachel, gave Pip this outfit to wear for her birthday. Isn't it just precious! When Pip looked in the mirror after I got her dressed she was amazed. I think she was in love with her reflection! She was even giving herself kisses!The cupcakes - on their stand - with an old dress up tutu around the bottom...

Pip loves a photo shoot...
She kept turning around and hugging the wall - weird...
Hands on hips - this is one of her toddlers and tiaras moves...

Getting birthday wishes from Grandma on the phone...
We love this little Pip - she lights up our lives!!
Blowing out her candles - I love the face on her best little buddy, Jude...

I don't know if it's that I am getting older (well, I am definitely getting older) or that she is the baby of such a large family but there is just something so special about this little girl. Every time I look at her I just think "Man, I love her SO much!" And I'm not the only one. The whole family is pretty enamoured with her. She is almost always the center of attention.
She still cuddles in bed with me every morning and lets me kiss her from head to toe every night. She says "Sank you Mommy" at ever meal when I give her her plate. When any of us tell her we love her she replies in this super cute high pitched voice "I luz you too Buba (or fill in the blank)!" No matter how many times the kids keep saying they love her she will still reply back with as much enthusiasm as the first time. When I tell her it is time to get out of the bath she always says "No ma'am please." so I sit with her until she's pruny. She loves to dance. She thinks she can run with the big kids - no matter what they are doing. She is starting to lose her baby talk and pronouncing words correctly (this kinda hurts my heart but I'm trying to not stop it - don't want a 4 year old who still says "Can I have a glass of milp?").
Happy Birthday Sweet Pip - I love you with all my heart!


  1. Ah, Happy Birthday Pip....we love you very much too. Jeejee is obviously enamored with you as well as the rest of the world. You are a smarty pants and look super cute in your tutu.

  2. What a sweetheart! I'm enamored with her via pictures :) Happy Birthday to Pip! I love the tutu outfit and on the cupcake stand- super cute idea! Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas too.

  3. Very sweet post! Wow, 2 years old!!! I totally the love you are writing about. I think it is a girl thing because we all feel the same way about our 2 baby girls!

    Love the outfit. Love the cupcakes!

    Happy Birthday to you sweet Pip!

  4. What a sweet post and what a sweet little girl. Love the outfit and the cupcakes with the tutu at the bottom is such a good idea! Kristi, your family is so sweet. I can tell that you all really have fun together and cherish each other. And what a cute little baby you have to finish off the family! Happy birthday, Pip!