Monday, December 5, 2011

Spontaneous Day!

Spontaneous Day - it's one day of the year (though you never know when it will be), when Uncle Joby provides a most excellent day of treats. It's has always been a blast (rooftop swimming, a Wii, one spring he even rented bunnies and ducklings for the day) and it is always looked forward to (I know - just ended a sentence with a preposition. Sorry. It just felt right.).

This past week the kids went to bed on Monday night and awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs - and just guess who they found making breakfast in the kitchen...? Uncle Joby!! (Well, a picture of him cooking would be appropriate right here but, well, I was in bed. Figured if he was taking care of everyone I might as well get some sleep!

After breakfast they all played in the back yard. Joby brought a football and wiffle ball set. Then he gave them all coloring books which they enjoyed for through the late morning. Joby told everyone to get ready and did the boys hair so it was "super cool." (just putting that disclaimer in since you will see pictures)

THEN..... the doorbell rings and they get picked up by this...
How cool is that???!!!
 I caught their little faces coming out the door...

They went out for cupcakes and to a play set. Then they picked up a pizza and came back home. They had so much fun.

And what did I do while I had an empty house???

OK - so I sat like that and read for about 10 minutes. Then it was on to laundry and getting ready for company. But still - it was NICE!

My kids love spontaneous day like Christmas and Reformation Celebration. At some point Joby will have to realize he can't top himself every year - but until then the partying continues. :)
Thank you Uncle Joby!


  1. This day will fail in comparison when I pick them all up and take them for a ride in my private jet.

    Uncle Jack