Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday and Birthdays and More Birthdays

Every time I would go to the OB for that first visit after finding out I was pregnant I would wonder if it was twins. "Wouldn't that be neat?" I would think. Of course, I never expected to actually be carrying twins which is why I was so surprised that day when I found out I was. It still seems crazy that I have twins. A good friend of mine just has twin girls. When I went to the hospital to meet them and hold them I could hardly remember that I had been through that - That I had once cuddled two tiny little babies.

It's hard to remember because that was now 7 years ago!!

These little boogers are 7 years old. Nutso.
Once again we opted to not do a big party. But on their birthday day we had two friends come over for a pizza lunch, cupcakes and some play time.

That night each of the boys went on a date - Wilson with me and Tyson with Jason. And once again we used coupons that earned in the library reading program to go to dinner.
Wilson and I headed to the Elephant Bar. It happens to be located right next to the mall that has the Lego store.
One of the tings he was most excited about was that they served him his drink in A REAL GLASS. He was super cute about it.
 Even though we had cupcakes after lunch and smores bars waiting at home he got a strawberry sundae. Hey - it came with his meal and it's only your birthday once a year. The waitress (can you say waitress anymore? Server?) even put a candle in it for him.
Then we headed to the mall. We rode up and down the escalator and then got down to business - using every last dollar of birthday money to buy legos.

As Wilson went through the store I was touched at how many times he said "Carson would love this one." "I bet Carson would think this is cool." or "I wonder if Carson would want me to get this one?" I begged him to pick the things HE liked and forget about Carson but I loved that he wanted to impress and please his big brother.
Once every dollar was spoken for we checked out.

 (Shhh - don't tell any homeschoolers we know that we bought a Harry Potter set)
We walked - hand in hand for a little bit outside but he was eager to get home and show Carson what he bought.
Meanwhile - Jason and Tyson did their purging of birthday money first. Tyson has been counting down the days till his birthday - not so much to be older or to celebrate but so he would have money to go buy an orange kid camera that he had his heart set on.
Once that was done they headed to Bricktown where they a coupon for a free meal at Spaghetti Warehouse. This was perfect because they are building a skyscraper downtown (the new Devon building) and Tyson is beyond in love with it. Skyscrapers are his new favorite obsession. So getting to be right down where it is being being built was such a treat.

 Bricktown is such a cool place and they are doing things to it all the time. Here there are in front of a waterfall - with the beloved orange camera of course...
Jason said they really had a great time. And at the end of all their walking Tyson asked if they could please just get a hot dog at Sonic for dinner. So they did.
We all met back at the house to have smores bars. Yep, no cake - the little guys begged for smores bars. (notice that the orange camera is in every shot - he took pictures of EVERYTHING all night long)

Happy birthday to my twin baby boys.


  1. Happy birthday to my favorite twins ever!!! I'm going to be honest, these two are pretty much awesome :D Hugs from Ariel to Ty and Will!