Monday, May 23, 2011

Just as I decided I didn't want to cut Pip's hair....

... she did it herself. :(

 A big chunk off of her left side and then some in the back on the right side (but at least that looks a little more like layers)

Yes, the big girls had all sorts of sewing projects that they left out on the bedroom floor - including sewing scissors. I guess it's good that with the 7 children this is the first time we've ever had a self administered hair cut. But still. Boo.
I had JUST been thinking about how around this age I cut the other girls' hair to little bobs but how I did not want to do that with Pip's. But oh well, it's just hair.
She cried and cried after as if she thought the cuts she did wouldn't be permanent (you can tell from the top picture). She really cried hard when I told her we would have to cut all the rest short too.
Fortunately, we had a park play day the next morning scheduled for our flock and one of the moms cuts hair. She was such a blessing to me - brought her scissors to the park and sat Piper down right on the ground and cut her hair.
 She was pretty amazing - considering the crazy wind ("where the wind comes sweeping down the plains" is in the song Oklahoma for a reason)

And now my baby looks like a big girl.
 Before she saw it (since she got it cut in the park) Pip felt it and looked at me with a sad face and said "Mommy - it's too little." But as soon as she saw herself in the mirror in our van she loved it. Kept smiling at herself in the mirror. She wanted me to take a picture of her with her pretzel.
I know it could have been much worse. I am thankful for that and for a cute summer cut and for a friend to fix the mess. No use crying over cut hair. :)


  1. I can hardly believe it's the first self inflicted hair cut- of course my older brother cut mine, so I never got the chance :)
    Pip looks like a big girl and the hair cut is so cute!

  2. "it's too little" I love that! Tell her a lady she never met who saw her beautiful picture on Mommy's blog thinks her hair is adorable and that she is as pretty as a princess!