Monday, December 20, 2010


I have to throw in amidst all the Christmas stuff (because it is thrown in amidst all the Christmas stuff) that Piper had her 3rd birthday on the 5th. Three - is it possible?? This little girl is all fun, loads of laughs, super sweet, and sometimes a little naughty. She is absolutely adored as the baby of this family.
 Happy Birthday Pippi.

 Such a treat that our new little friend, Jing Yan Lauren, who just got home from China with her forever family 2 days before, was able to come celebrate with us!!! She is too cute for words...
 And how could I not include this beautiful little Jireh in Santa get-up. So so so cute!!!

Happy birthday my little Pipster. You are loved, loved, loved.


  1. Wow... She has grown up! Such a cute little girl and I love her outfit and pigtails :)
    Happy Birthday Piper!

  2. I can't believe it!!! She was a BABY when I first met you guys! Now she's so grown up!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to your beautiful family!