Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Beautiful are the feet...

...of those who bring the good news!" That's what the Bible tells us in Romans 10:15. So, I thought it only fitting to take Madison to get her first pedicure before she left on her first missions trip. Uncle Jack helped to score both manicures and pedicures. She loved it!

She said she felt like a queen with servants doting on her and getting her water when she was thirsty. She is so precious.
I cannot not even put into words how full my heart is when I think of this girl. She is truly amazing. I can't imagine my life without her and I continue to pray that she will desire to pour her out in the service of the Lord to advance His Kingdom. I love her like crazy cakes!


  1. Great idea, Kristi! She is a sweet girl. She reminds me SO MUCH (looks and character) of Denise's Maddie. They would be good friends, I'm sure:)

  2. I've been MIA for a while... but was excited to see a post about Madison's trip (or upcoming trip). I've been thinking about you all and wondering about her trip. Look forward to hearing about it. :)