Friday, July 16, 2010

Where is their mother???

SO... I let the kids put the dog in the bathtub to try and see if she would swim. There was a day I would have never allowed such shenanigans. Tonight I just said "sure" and continued to sit on the couch reading while they set to it. I guess the way I see it... I'm a mom who says "no" to a lot and will continue to - why not say yes if it's not a moral issue. They had a blast... created such hoopla that I peeked in and snapped a few pictures.

Check out this drowned rat...
Pippi is crying because she fell in the tub while watching...

the kids thought she looked SO cute... I thought she looked more like a rodent that had crawled up from a sewer pipe (Madison is highly offended that I would say that!)...
... so... where was these crazy kids' mother? She was sitting on the couch with a smile on her face as she listened to the giggles and squeals coming from the bathroom, hoping her kids were making memories together and would remember what a fun mom they had. :)


  1. kind of like when we would jump off the side of a wet slide over concrete to get to our ice cold pool in buffalo.

    I was 5 when we were doing that!

  2. Does look like a sewer rat doesn't she??? But the kids are so cute....those are some skinny legs in the bathtub!!! What fun!

  3. I look at the last pic and think of that Taco Bell Commerical...."Yo quito Taco Bell" or whatever that dog said!

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