Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etc... (meaning "and all these things")

So my friend, Rach, gave me this darling Little Bo Peep style dress up outfit for the Pipster. She wore it for 24 hours after me showing it to her. It is adorable! I did a little photo shoot with backdrop and all... those are the pictures  I mentioned in the last post about waiting to get in the right format to put up but that still hasn't happened. I was going to call the post "Little Bo Pip." These are two pictures I took later while she was watching a show (probably Dora, her new total fav).

It's hot as can be around here so we are mostly staying indoors with occasional water play in the yard...

I love how they would fill up pails with water and then dump them from the top of the clubhouse on each other (like Great Wolf Lodge)... 
For some reason Piper was so grumpy about water play. I think her gun wouldn't work and she was very sad...
And Colson was our only injury of the day. Evidently if the already very steep slide is wet, you go a lot faster.

My Parents and Joby came for Memorial day. It is always so awesome when they are here. I didn't get many pictures but I grabbed these of my dad teaching Cole how to make his famous pancakes...

SO - those are just little glimpses at what's going on in our house. Or maybe I should say those are just little glimpses of the sweet, fun things going on in our house. I intentionally don't post pictures of me pulling my hair out because it's so frustrating to have everyone inside all day long, or of the wet pullups that continually get left forgotten in a closet, or the laundry monster than has outright banished me from the laundry room. You get the picture... just been thinking about how much I NEED the Lord in order to be a good mom or homemaker or anything!! I am so thankful for his patience and loving kindness. I long to show it more to my family... then I can post about that. :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I just love Pip's pouting pictures! I have such a hard time not laughing at James when he does that! Glad to hear you are beating the heat or at least staying out of it!

  2. I think God intentionally gives us Moms extra strong hair for those "pulling out our hair" kind of days. We have had many "water" days outside too...Slip and Slide ($5.00 bucks) from WalMart and just the plain old sprinkler.

  3. I love Little Bo Pip!! The outfit is so cute, too:) Kristi, I would love to see you in action with your kids--you are super mom!

  4. Look at that little Pip with her pouty face! I wanna scoop her up and give her whatever she wants! I didn't know your dad made yummy pancakes?! Did I ever have these at your house and just not appreciate them?